Handshake Developer Showcase, Alexander Shevtsov, HNSnetwork


(00:01) [Music] okay so i’d love to hear how did you get involved with with handshake and can you introduce yourself and what you do uh i’m alexander schifstoff i’m an independent developer currently i reside in moscow and i’m also a master’s degree computer science student and i came to handshake almost a year ago a friend of mine asked me to help him to set up the note and to automate some tasks for example like reveals it was not possible at that moment to do so and from that moment i was kind of involved

(00:48) with the community and uh that proceeded so on uh next after some time we’ve created uh hns network uh the most stable block explorer for the current moment uh by the way uh by the way unfortunately we had missed uh the auction for the name machines network so if the owner hears hears me now uh please contact me because we really want this name and we will suggest you a nice offer so if you hear me please contact i do some tiny tiny computer contributions to documentation to the node and mostly that’s all and sometimes i uh

(01:41) help with support because there are a lot of people who uh it’s it’s really tough for them to set up the note and uh if there is a person who tries something to uh by himself not just asking dumb questions then uh me or someone else helps him in the chat so that’s uh that’s kind of my involvement with the project great hms network is a great site a lot of us use that for block explorer um can you explain how to so it started was that the project from a year ago so it was one year ago you started uh i just uh i’ve heard uh for the first

(02:24) time about uh the handshake a year ago and then uh maybe for for whole summer i was helping with uh with automating some tasks and uh creating some kind of web wallet but for a private use and then uh it was obvious that existing explorers were not so useful they were not so stable and i and my friend created a brand new one so that’s how it was that’s exciting that’s exciting um what was what what got you most excited about about handshake uh i guess the most exciting is that it’s community driven so the commercial

(03:13) benefit uh does not eclipse the technology and the technology itself is uh it’s really tremendous and great it’s natural to uh it’s natural to use blockchain to solve the the domain name system so it’s it’s the most exciting that uh it’s community women and uh it’s uh well at least for the moment for the current moment it’s about more about technology not commercial benefit so that’s for me that’s great that’s great yeah i know that russia’s got a lot they’re talking about kind of

(03:53) their own internet i believe well for the moment it’s more like ramus and uh it’s not uh so serious but uh yes there are definitely such talks uh uh i don’t know what uh what will be in future but uh for the current moment it’s not uh so serious okay that’s good to know i’m uh i’m actually in china and they have their own internet basically here so i hope it doesn’t happen more places um so what are what are some of so hns network of course is a great one for block explorer i i use that a lot is is there other

(04:34) project or projects you’re working on or or things in the future that we could know about and for the current moment no we have a lot of ideas for the explorer but uh currently i have my final exams upcoming and i really don’t have much time to spend on the handshake okay no problem no problem it’s a great i’m on the site now it’s it’s really a very clean and simple simple site so um what are some ways that you would think others could get involved with with handshake um well the first and the most stressed forward

(05:20) is to uh to initiate mass adoptions so to create a browser for example it’s possible i think the most easy way is to start with tor browser because it’s open source and people use it so to let people to be able to be able to use just handshakes so it’s it’s the most important and uh the most stressful thing how to to make it popular and how to help it okay um maybe it just is have some native opinion but uh still no it’s true it’s true we need more adoption and uh i mean that’s what i love about it is like you said the

(06:04) community effort that’s also what attracted attracted me and you know people all around the world right any any background any any any age can uh can just become involved right there’s no no permission needed you can set up a node um honestly i don’t even know how a block explorer works but basically your your there were some block explorers before like a module for for the node itself that you can run locally but a typical block explorer it needs a synced node and uh for you to to be able to look up through the blocks through the

(06:43) names you need some additional technologies so it’s not uh there are some complications there okay understand um let me think of some other points i mean so once you finish your exams like i hope you continue with handshake i mean it’s really great to have your contributions i i wish i was more technical but i guess we all have our role right i’m trying to help you know get more people to know know about it and they’re you’re building amazing things on it which is which is really um really great um

(07:20) is is there some tips you would give for developers you know i guess you said adoption but what about like some a new developer hearing about this maybe today what would you tell tell them uh well uh one one point that i was thinking about is uh actually i think uh the handshake is like in full full description like on a white paper and it’s really hard to grasp [Music] the how it works by by the code so there is no uh like big big explanation of different parts of the note and it’s it’s really hot if you

(08:03) haven’t used it for much to uh to understand it so it’s a complication so the solution to it is uh not to depend on the documentation but to read the code but it can debate great practice so it’s uh one of things that uh handshake likes and perhaps uh if to go further it has only one implementation so it has [Music] no i don’t know maybe golem node and some services some will uh will certainly use it if if there is one okay so all in all it’s you need to read the code because uh sometimes there uh

(08:58) there is no documentation understand yeah that’s great though i mean thanks for the tip for for the developer community and you’re also um i mean there’s telegram groups like you said there’s there’s um name bases discord there’s there’s there’s a lot of um communities would which ones would you recommend or or do you think are helpful the most is most prominent is uh the telegram uh developers chat but uh we mostly discuss the exact development questions and it’s not for it’s definitely not for the

(09:38) name-based support so people asking questions about their transactions will get burnt and we don’t really laugh for them so personally i don’t use discourse and uh so just stick to telegram and if you have uh well constructed well questioned so you can ask and uh not even a question just some discussion some idea and it certainly will have attention there okay well this has been great i appreciate you sharing well we’ll have this on our handicon events um so it’s just to recap your yeah your moscow and

(10:28) computer science degree and a year ago so just for people that was like march 2020 about like in the spring of 2020 you heard about it and uh yeah and then um have help with the developments and friends projects and then led you to helping with hnsnetwork.com which is a block explorer it’s true like i agree like i don’t want i don’t want to pick on the other ones that were before earlier but it’s true some of them didn’t update or give errors um but yeah this one has been really a uh more stable uh

(11:08) block explorer so people can look up their you can look up their you know transactions and uh and see what’s happening on the blockchain which has been amazing and then telegram telegram developer group for handshake um okay i think i think that’s all i have is there anything else you want to add to this no i think that’s all mike thank you for inviting me thanks for thanks for coming on alexander thanks for your contributions to the community and the developer community and the projects you uh help with thanks

(11:43) [Music]