Handshake Showcase – Phase 3


(00:00) [Music] welcome everybody to the showcase portion of today’s discussion i’m honored to share the stage with kurumi mari from shakedex and chad polk from realty dao so thank you guys for showing up so i guess the first question i’d like to go out there is what were you guys doing before you discovered handshake which one of us do you want to go first uh chatbot uh can you hear me i can hear you i can’t hear you i don’t know perfect there it is i don’t mind doing that uh what were we doing before handshake

(00:48) yep oh it domains uh been in the domain business for 25 years uh started back in 1996 so uh it was kind of we heard about handshake kind of where new was going on under the hood for a number of years and then uh i kind of just you know the decentralization component just the narrative keeps playing out so that’s when we kind of made a decision like all the parameters of handshake decentralization um just what it means kind of the ethos so that’s when we said about march or let’s see may is when we went

(01:24) full in on handshake about may absolutely yeah i think a lot of people get brought in because of the decentralization aspect and and you karumari i’ve been in crypto for a long time now probably eight years so before handshake it was bitcoin and eth got into handshake because i thought it solved a really big interesting problem which was how do you solve zuko’s triangle i think it is as if zuko’s triangle is the one that says that you can’t have a decentralized secure human readable identifier so um that’s what brought me here and i

(01:59) also really liked the distribution mechanics through the airdrop it was less ico and much more bitcoin and i thought that was really really cool so that’s why i’m here today yeah that’s a great part of handshake uh so chad folk tell us more about what you’re doing at real detail and what your vision is for it yeah i think um realty dao is really becoming a uh an automated digital reit uh for these domains so we call them real estate so we have a we manage a pretty big portfolio.

(02:32) com assets uh for clients and so uh we backed into about a thousand handshake names and we’re really trying to get that uh um the tokenization of those assets so we can really start moving those assets around between portfolios so it’s really a digital read for handshake names and and top-level domains yeah feel free to if you would like to to give a demonstration of the site or there’s a there’s a share screen option i think a lot of people would so yeah i mean i think let’s see here um let me see if i can go to this panel

(03:08) here um yeah well i’ll just do the thirty thousand foot because it’s uh choose a tab sharing screen um choose the application or tab option machine screen i’m not sure if it’s allowed me to share it yeah i saw your screen but can you see the screen yeah oh can you see that yep okay that would be great uh yeah see full screen yeah so again so the the the thesis is um so we we like ethereum we’ve been with ethereum for a number of years so we like the programmability of it and so the the division has always been to

(03:53) create really ai dowels on domains and so when we say that you know we think domains have a lot of technology to go uh to put underneath it and so when we saw uh vitalik mentioned what programming language what ethereum was doing we saw that as another good layer to layer on top of these assets and so what realty dao is trying to do is really create more liquidity across more assets uh and so we fractionalize these assets so we can get these get get moving between portfolios because one of the problems in the physical domain space

(04:31) is a lot of these assets are locked up in small silos and and we’re not creating uh more value through sharing collaborative uh transparency and stuff so so that that’s kind of our agenda with realty down is to really create an autonomous real estate holding and development company um backed by these assets um and and we do that by wrapping these domains um with these smart contracts so so i know again with uh uh some of the other developments with uh badass and these other ones that’s awesome because the composability

(05:06) uh and transparency is really important so these smart contracts so what we do here again is just kind of you can see some of the assets on chain so what we chose to do is really um we lead in with our dot coms because that’s where the traffic is and the values are but we’re really trying to decentralize ourselves over the next three to five years and meeting like uh for example we manage acting.

(05:32) com uh and we also have dot acting so what we’ll start doing is the front face would be acting.com but we’ll be storing and managing and on dot acting mainly because again the decentralization um being in the root zone being with icann i went to icann before i came existed to the white house so we saw that transgression with icann and abuse of power and that’s why we’re saying let’s support this decentralized root zone on handshake and so our strategy is really to complement the two but slowly decentralized over

(06:06) the next three to five years um so again i’m not going to really go into uh too much of this but what we have uh so when we tokenize domains um again these are assets that are on chain uh meaning you can interact with the smart contract um i’ll get to some of these and so some of these are priced a little higher um because we price our domains um uh higher than a domain lower than a startup uh and we’re really back into this this stuff and so so again you can come in here um let me log in i’m gonna log into our website

(06:40) here can you still see the screen yes okay so i’m gonna log in so this is the back end kind of when you log in uh into the system so this is the interface of the domains and the ownership yeah so we tokenize it to fractionalize it right to cut it up uh and so again this is our dashboard so we see new assets coming in just kind of some of our updates because it’s really hard when you tell people transparency as a business model and you just got to share everything right that’s just with blockchains in

(07:13) general so um so this is some of the again the valuation uh again wrapping on there this is some activity again i’m going through it really fast but um our dna assets watch lists by transactions um but i want to get into the good stuff so the dnas we call them digital native assets uh again you can see here so you can see some of the names argo owns you could upvote it you can put on your watch list you can sponsor it um so let’s say if you want to sponsor ifund you could come in here and sponsor ifund that pays the import that puts the

(07:50) contract on chain and that goes into our decentralized marketplace um and that’s how you do it so we could put that on chain but we won’t right now uh and then here is our marketplace so these are live on chain assets so let’s say dot chain so we actually went up uh and acquired.

(08:16) chain on the open market for a decent amount of money because we realized that somebody could actually get closer to our customer um with these tods so in this example um we can get the tokens you can see the token address we basically have to push you into your membership to smart talk to the smart contract and then you can start interacting um well with the stat with this asset and that’s why we that’s why we hope that each theorem and handshake actually realize that we can work together um because this is a different kind of

(08:52) asset class um so so this is where they get a referral system and connect your wallets but what i’ll show you guys i’ll show you the meat and potatoes and so this is something we’ve been working on so this is a back end system that we built custom built for domains and so we can come in here and say manage domains again it’s a lot we’ll just go into one asset classes so when we see dnas handshake is one asset class uh we’re doing tokens.

(09:24) coms etc and this is where we run basically a doubt um the governance comes in here people can vote on different updates you can bulk ad you can do a lot of good stuff um but what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna show you uh even better so when we put a domain on chain this is your management page of the asset so each asset so example this has got co-work we really have to make it easy for people to start contributing into these assets whether it’s staking on them putting code to them content to them etc so that’s where we think we’re going to

(10:04) get the real value is adding utility behind these assets so we manage all this stuff underneath our operating system and this is the operating system so we can build co-work we can edit it we can do things to do you know again i’m not going to go into a bunch of that stuff but um but what i wanted to get into let’s do add add a new asset so let’s say we have a new tld we come in here add a new tod and so this could be your asset and then you put your description your price how much you want to sell art out um

(10:43) and so when we mint it we actually are acquiring some of these shares in your asset you can set your each your e-shares limit so if you already want to sell 20 of your domain you can put a staking period on there in our smart contract and then this is our you know bid site do you pull it from name base api do you have a personal node so how do you get into the system and so this is where you can kind of put a domain into our system our operating system that’s incredible um yeah let’s let’s have some more fun

(11:19) let’s do um let’s just do manage dnas um and so we have another thing called contrib so contrib is really a business model to say we we have to say how do we get more people participating in these assets um and again this is an example of let’s just i claim and this is what we just launched pretty recently so you can see the hash you can see who owns it you can you can push this on chain to our marketplace and we just updated a couple of things um tor if you want to mint your domain this is where you mint it

(11:58) so i can mix it with its own token put its own supply i can move my assets around and i can push that to the chain um and then again when i do that i can set up subdomains on let’s do what’s on this one just this let’s do the let’s do insurance insurance and this is what’s going to do insurance for eye cleaning you can do uh different frameworks so we’re gonna be adding more frameworks on so this is a get a github uh hosted website so right now what we’re doing is we’re going to put the sub domain on a github

(12:44) uh framework and so it’s free hosting on github and that’s what it’s doing right now so we’re basically creating a separate now i know some other people are doing like scicoin ipfs uh and will eventually integrate those distributed storage systems and we’ll eventually integrate you know again anything that can get to these distributed systems we will integrate um right now we’re using this handshake or a github uh to host some of these websites on this framework and that’s what it’s doing right now oh

(13:17) so it’s free hosting which is great because hosting can get really expensive um and then we’ll add frameworks so detecting on your domain you’ll probably want to pick that framework um to make it just not look generic um to new utility so i’m going to jump out of this one here but anyways that’s a cool one again size next scinet will be next we’ll integrate into there um again you can see our oh we can see our files so we’re going to start adding in legal contracts uh just different forms you want to

(13:52) start sending you can see our transactions which are none uh we meant this you can push this down to our mother nft so now again this is anything new me like keyboard and those guys are doing some of the other stuff too with the nfts um but what is different than ours is ours goes on to open c um so now when you mint this you can push it to open c and you can now start selling your domain on openc wow um you can see the properties the contributors the theoretical value and now you can start doing this stuff so now when you when you tokenize it

(14:36) you really can now jam it into ethereum d5 yeah so this is pretty cool so this is again we’ve nft version 4 contract um so these smart contracts are going to get really a lot better um but that’s an interesting thing that we just finished is when you push that it’ll automatically push it into the um into the marketplaces that you want so submit their their top level don’t their handshake top level domain into realtydown or is that like an application process yeah yeah so the the wizard what we love

(15:14) handshake is the the open uh you know what’s in the ardell wallet right so when you tokenize it you can see what’s in the wallet and so custody is the number one thing and so we can’t be trading ardell value if we don’t have custody of the assets um we can we’ll expand that later to extending that leverage out later but for now our doubt has to own the assets so legally we’re just being really cautious on exposing ourselves to legal contracts um only because custody because it for if forbidding a token and you’re trading

(15:53) on it and the asset can be moved um well that’s not a good thing so here’s here’s like our dns records and so if you want to add mx records and dns records and text records you’ll be able to manage all your stuff inside inside here if you want to set up dns records um so look all this stuff is getting is still early and the composability is really important but um you know i don’t want to go into too far but so again the real goal is to say we have to add utility to these assets excuse me uh number one we want to bring in a

(16:35) distributed business model where anybody in the world can contribute to this asset and we want to be really transparent so that anybody that can see the participation of how they valued it um so that’s an important kind of important thing right there and i believe you have a a token or dial with the picture i believe yeah where does that come into play well it’s okay so that’s that’s the aggregated uh reit so the ardao token is the r is the reit and so so you can see it right here so what we have in here again we got a lot of

(17:18) information or excuse me proposition going after digital real estate okay um and so the art out token is our currency um that basically uses this programming language to operate autonomously okay somebody asks if there’s liquidity mining going on for the rdot token yeah yep we do have liquidity mining oh yeah i forgot that was a good one um yes we do uh um you can set that up uh try to take care let’s go just let’s see here um yes we’re given 20 additional on top of the uh the ardao okay so yes there is there is liquidity

(18:06) mining in our guy right now awesome got a good referral system in there too um i i think that’s going to be the real key so what what people don’t understand what what i want to kind of bring out is um again this operating system what we built for domains is it’s really a series of integrated applications so referrals.

(18:31) com does referrals eshares.com does cap table eservices.com does services so we build the mechanism on the url and then integrate it in that’s how we can compose and wrap these mechanisms around these urls and that’s really what we’re doing is we’re a rapper awesome and we wrap and we wrap the down here i won’t show our sniper system but we have a pretty good automated sniper system uh and so now again we’re trying to turn us where the governance that that the argo will buy its own and sell its own domains

(19:10) um again these are some of our names that we go into tld list transactions our wallet um so with bob wallet that’s kind of we we had to build our own um because again we do stuff in bulk um and and again like bulk switch bulk through domains bulk rebuild and so again we’re trying to really become the operating system for demands that’s really great that’s really great yeah so yeah so that’s some of the cool stuff uh some of the cool stuff we’re working on awesome oh oh there’s one other

(19:51) thing so this is a really important one let’s just go to another one let’s just go to uh movie movie iq as an example so i mentioned the contribution um the contribution component because it’s really important we have to get people contributing value into these assets otherwise you know what a million domain names later we’re going to be in a buy sell framework um and so with every url once you have the theoretical value in the smart contract on chain this is how people come in and contribute into your domain

(20:24) um so you can say again just assume that’s not a dot com it’s a tld and you can come in here put it in there and say i’ll do code at a hundred bucks we lock that and we put it on a sidechain and when you deliver it it updates on chain to that theoretical value and then it goes in and it updates the theoretical value based on the contribution delivered that’s how we automate the uh the entities so so that’s a pretty cool thing yeah we just do that yeah so um boom comes in here we get the contribution tab

(21:05) we can sort it by cash or equity come on um so so again this on the left side is your tool set um you can you can you can incorporate your domain you can add legals you can build cap tables social media mechanisms um service orders edit them put it on frameworks theoretical value logs that’s not working there so uh so that’s the tool set so what we’re trying to do is our dao is trying to acquire partner lease option um good value domains um that can come into the system and ecosystem and basically participate i think it’s

(21:50) really great that you’re you’re working with handshake i think handshake really fits into into this model it’s important for us because again um we know we know the wrath uh we know the wrath of uh of of versailles and i can’t i mean it’s just it’s no joke i mean it’s and so we saw handshake as being that um pain and thorn in the ass of icann because because nobody else would and so when we if we don’t want to risk eshares.

(22:23) com um um being centralized and taken away right because we we know that that’s the narrative that’s going to play out over time is is that the decentralization is a security risk if you stay centralized and that narrative is going to continue over time play out whether it’s a dns act whether it’s a government takeover whether it’s a censorship so now we’re telling people to get decentralized and decentralize their handshake and so again now that we have dot each on a d d webbed system on a d web creation of eshares.com

(23:03) but we also get the decentralization and security mechanism of doing a dot handshake on a on a tld so so it protects us so so our asset for initial acquisition strategy was the protected.com portfolio um migrate over to the d web over the three to five years and then and then that takes a better defensive position for us um so that’s what we’re trying to do is create an automated blockchain based um uh marketplace for domains really great work really great work yep wow next i’d like to move on to kurumi mari

(23:45) if you would like to give a demonstration of shake decks i think it’s really great what you’re doing as well in a needed aspect of handshake yeah the composability right is uh is the great thing is you know open source composability this is acceleration of speed is going to happen and i think these digital native assets are fit sitting in the right sweet spot yep um from an asset class so yeah thank you for the time uh and yes liquidity mining we’re doing it again it’s decentralized we’re trying to

(24:19) the governance is going to be evolving um and but it’s in the code base to be decentralized and we give two percent um pledged into impact programs so all of our handshake names will pledge two percent of the cap table into like h s fund um and these other ecosystems right so that’s don’t trust us trust the code uh and that’s what we’re doing that’s our commitment to handshake so thank you for your time yeah thank you thanks for coming mario are you there yeah can everybody still hear me

(24:55) yeah we can hear you all right lovely i’m going to share my screen and then just get right to it let’s see application window this one share all right can everybody see it uh yeah yeah all right computer says yes so um what i’m going to do today is i’m going to talk a little bit about shake decks i’m going to talk about what it is the protocol it’s history and what it stands for um and then i’m going to go over a quick demo and then i’m actually going to launch a fundraising auction for

(25:26) shakedex directly from this talk and walk everybody through how it actually works so uh let’s get started just a quick heads up this is going to be a little bit technical i’m going to go over the sort of protocol details of shakedex um because i think it’s important and the reason why i think it’s important is that shakedex isn’t a website or a cli tool it’s a protocol that anybody can use with no permission from me um with no uh you know no parameters to somebody else’s setting it’s entirely

(25:55) up to you how you want to use it i’ve just built tools that make interacting with the protocol a little easier so let’s uh let’s talk about the protocol so we’re going to do shakedex protocol and we’re going to look at the alice side so this is the alice side alice is the one who is going to be selling their name so the way shaked x works is in order to sell your name you need to do two things uh you need to transfer your name to a locking script which i’ll explain in a second uh and then you create a bag of

(26:24) pre-signs that somebody else goes and fills in so this is what the full flow of transactions looks like um so we have a name here called super dope and i own super dope as alice and so what i’m going to do is i’m going to start by transferring it to the locking script that you see on the right hand side here let’s see if i can get my cursor in there oh look at that i can alright so what this locking script does is it prevents this name from being spent to any output except one that is either a transfer or

(26:56) finalized covenant and the reason why this is important is because without this if you sell your name you have the ability to revoke and you also have the ability to cancel the underlying transfer so this locking script makes the transfer atomic um this is a protocol that uh zipkin uh timeway um fauci uh brandon d’s and a bunch of other developed as other people developed as part of hip one um but i just went and implemented on top of it so you know major major thanks to those amazing folks for putting this

(27:28) together and making it so easy uh for me to build this so we’ve transferred it now and this is handshakes so we have to do the two-phase commit we finalize so the name is now irrevocably well not irrevocably but it’s on chain as belonging to uh the locking script that we talked about previously and um what we’re going to do next is we’re going to create our bag of pre-signs so this long thing here is what goes into the pre-sign so the priest basically takes an input that’s going to be our finalize and it

(27:58) creates two outputs creates a transfer to anybody and you’ll ex i’ll explain how that works in a second and it creates a payment to alice it applies a lock time that’s important i’ll also explain that momentarily and it signs it using alice’s key using sig hash single reverse so sig hash single reverse is a really powerful tool um it’s implemented as part of the handshake protocol and what it does basically is it takes the first input and the last output and signs over them and the reason that’s important is that

(28:28) we need to basically make this name unspendable unless whoever it is that’s buying the name funds it and pays alice so this is the uh what goes into the uh um the pre-sign so when you’re using the shake decks see a lie and it creates the priest signs they get uploaded to shakedex.com or whatever this is what’s actually happening under the hood um cool so now let’s talk about the lock time and why that’s important um the reason why the lock time is important is that without this um there’s no way to prevent people from

(29:00) spending your uh your pre-sign before a particular point in time and when you combine that with a set of decrementing prices so basically the 10 000 hms here might start at 10 000 hms and then go down to like say a thousand h s you can spread that out over a certain period of time and what that creates is something called a reverse dutch auction so you can have price discovery for a name in a completely decentralized manner so that’s the alice side um slap f in chat if you want me to do that again they say they want a clubhouse call on

(29:34) this that they can listen to 90 minutes of this all right well that can maybe be arranged i just need to figure out how to plug my vocoder into the iphone all right so this is the bob side so like you probably guessed bob needs to fund this transaction so everything in dashed here is what bob is going to be adding to this output uh to this transaction rather so for the input um they’re going to add a coin in this case the coin is ten thousand two hns ten thousand coins to pay alice one coin for the chain or one hns

(30:05) uh for the change and one hns to pay for network fees um and what he then does is he’ll add the change in the middle of the transfer and the payment and then he’s going to sign it using sig cash all and at this point in time that name is irrevocably bob’s why is it irrevocably bob’s well if you remember that locking script the locking script only allows a transfer and a finalize so since the name is currently in the transfer state and in order for the name to uh you know go basically anywhere else it can either

(30:39) be cancelled or finalized and the script prevents the cancel from happening so this name just belongs to bob now and all bob has to do is finalize the transfer after the 48 hour period is up and that’s what the shakedex cli does it lets you go through this full flow and then it creates all these transactions for you now you do have to do uh some is jdx the cli does some key management outside of the handshake wallet because these are sort of uh new transactions the handshake wallet the one that’s built

(31:14) into the node uh isn’t familiar with um so you do need you like to store some state elsewhere but you don’t have to use any of the tools that i’m about to show you in order to use this so uh i’m going to create an auction now um so basically in my left hand side tab here i’ve got a handshake wallet running and then on my right hand side i’ve got the terminal that you’ve all come to know and love um so shake dex cli tool uh you give it a network so i’m gonna give it main right now the default is and then you

(31:46) give it a wallet id so i’m going to give this my own wallet id and let’s go list auctions hopefully it works and it did so these are two names that i’m going to be auctioning off chips and silver hand so ignore the fact that it says auction live for silver hand because i haven’t actually pushed it yet but let’s get some participation from the audience to further development of shakedex which name are people interested in auctioning hopefully people want to participate otherwise i’m just going to pick one

(32:19) all right we have one vote for chips it’s two votes for chips three votes for chips holy everybody everybody loves chips up in here all right so let’s do it so shake dex dash and main josh w kurumi amari um create auction chips so we’re gonna give it a time period i’m going to give it two weeks and now we pick our starting price so this is a high price because remember it’s going to go down over time um so i’m going to go for that audience participation thing again one because i’m terrible at pricing things into

(32:55) because i think it’s fun um what do you guys want me to start the price at aim high because it’s going to land somewhere lower most likely all right we’ve got 25 grand it’s currently the highest we got 10 000. 69 69 from jonathan frank’s here lots of 420 references i like this crowd this is a fun crowd let’s let’s try it [Music] you know what i like this idea let’s do this one i think this everyone’s uh actually this one sounds nicer that’s better because the 69 is higher

(33:32) than the 420. all right and so now we had to pick the price that would like to end the auction out so um let’s just end this at uh four two six nine the other way around and we’re going to store our auction free signs in my home directory as chips.json and it’s gonna give me let’s see oh i want to do something else on my dev version hold on shake dex and let’s just run this again shake dex dash and create auction chips we’re going to do 14 days and we’re going to do it every 30 minutes so it’s

(34:10) going to drop in price quite often so let’s see we said we were going to do 69 420 there we go and then 42.69 just like that super awesome home chips.json okay this is going to take a second because it’s producing a whole gang of pre-signs so this lets me check out the uh the different prices before i post them these auction parameters look absolutely lovely enter yes and let’s actually publish these to shakedex.

(34:41) com hopefully it works and it blew up wrong content type i’ll have to fix that uh anyway um had it worked it would have shown up on shakedex.com and so shakedex.com actually has a feature where i can upload these things myself so maybe uh maybe i can use that let’s take a look at shakedex.com really quickly you can see that i made this uh vm just for this call still has all the firefox default pages and anyway this is uh shakedex.

(35:15) com basically with shakedex.com is is it’s a website that hosts these pre-signs so remember how i mentioned earlier that uh you know these you don’t have to use any of these tools you also don’t have to use shakedex.com i can you know beam one of the pre-signs to the moon and hire a skyrider to write in it doesn’t matter people are going to be able to redeem nevertheless um so as an example we actually had our first sale of handshake fans here a couple days ago for 51.

(35:42) 25 hns and you can see some of the other ones that are currently running right here which it looks like is 231 87.5 for handshake d and it’s just going to drop over time one other thing that’s worth noting is that this little cat means that you can click it and uh you can fill it directly from within bob now i personally don’t use bob i use a cli and some like python tools that i wrote um but uh bob i mean it’s a gui wallet it’s the best gui wallet i highly recommend you do use it if you’re not comfortable with the cli

(36:16) so let’s see if i can actually upload these maybe we can do some live debugging that would be kind of fun so let’s see where did i put it even there it is you know what i bet we have to delete the version identifier so let’s do that so vi chips.json let’s nuke that version identifier right quick quick okay and then let’s try it submit that uh crew me amari chips.

(36:44) json it’s 112k open unexpected character line one column one of the json data i’ll have to fix this later and post it on my twitter i don’t want to bore y’all with me uh with me uh fixing my buggy code but that’s the general idea this will go live and probably the next couple of hours i’m sure it’s just something something really really simple that i did here anyway um that’s that’s shaked um i have a lot of plans for where i wanted to go uh in the future i mean my personal goal for it uh is to

(37:21) um you know basically have it be the dominant way that people exchange names on handshake um you know you need on-ramps you do need off-ramps people can actually get the handshake and get the fiat but the more people use the native ecosystem the better and um you know if uh if if we don’t have robust user-friendly tools on the native ecosystem handshake won’t go anywhere and from everything i’ve seen so far we’re building those tools and i want to be a part of the community um that helps out so um i have no idea

(37:51) how much time i have left but uh i don’t know uh if people have questions for true decentralization so we’re not wrapped around name base you know this is this is incredible i don’t think we have i’m glad you like it i don’t think we have questions so i think we’re gonna i think we’re low on time so we’re gonna have to wrap it up now but thank you guys so much for coming on and showing us what you’re i think working on all right go ahead sorry i think everyone’s super impressed with what you guys are doing

(38:24) so thank you so much no problem thanks everyone for coming and uh yeah i’ll post those names and like i said i’m going to be fundraising on this and uh hopefully you know yeah show your support if you’re interested cheers y’all thank you we’re good people going to live um yes yes please sorry audience audience members um for chad i’ve seen so many um they need we need a whole clubhouse call on this like um where where can people follow up with chat where can people really get uh to chat with you

(38:57) um well we do tuesday nights uh nine o’clock eastern called decentralized so if you just go d dot centralized nine o’clock tuesday nights uh we run that we talk handshake domains what time down is that uh eastern time nine pm tuesday nights um we’ve had tashawn on there and ens and it goes we kind of freeload it but it’s talking about the strengths and weaknesses of centralized decentralized systems kind of how it affects people things that we’d be careful of stuff like that so but yeah so again educating people on

(39:34) handshake is that’s part of this the reason why how uh how it relates to them uh and so a lot of people have a lot of questions or interested they just don’t know where to start so that’s kind of where we’re we’re backing it down to getting more people educated but we’re going to start ramping it up more technical tuesdays at 9.

(39:53) clubhouse awesome uh karim army went how can people follow up yeah maybe up on twitter twitter.com forward slash kurumiyamari and um i have good news folks uh the auction is now posted i fixed it um while we were talking here so uh that’s good news um but yeah twitter.com forward slash kurumiyamari um you can also join the shakedex discord and you can hit me up in there um otherwise uh yeah i’m just an anime character on the internet so like you know you know where to find me straightforward enough all right this next session guys

(40:26) co-founders creators of a handshake coming up [Music] you