Handshake Showcase – Phase 2 Part 2


(00:01) [Music] all right and we are live so i i wanted to kick it off let’s just get right into it guys um same same questions uh as before uh could we each just go around and kind of share um what you were up to before you discovered a handshake and how you how you discovered hamstring on that kind of journey let’s go with oscar fernando and then let’s offer hello everybody nice to be here and well my name is oscar i am physical therapist and osteopath and i the first time i i heard about uh or talk about

(00:50) a crypto was two years ago or the bitcoin and that’s very curious for me and step by step by introducing and deep dive in the crypto world and in february the last year 2020 i decided to to choose one project in the all cryptocurrencies and and cryptoworld and i just searched about projects and i found a handshake i begin to to read all the white paper and quickly i found different signals tips that show me that it was a a very great project to invest to invest money to invest time to invest effort to push the the the

(01:48) community and overall um the points that was a were more often was experimental point the centralized web and and imagine the future a great feature and to use a lot of uses cases and i decided to to deep dive and was very easy with the name base on ramp and i we i wish to to deep dive because uh in the back end in the in the wall street in the back street of the of the crypto currency there are communities communities are people and just curious to know the people who are working behind the the crypto world and just begin with the the with the

(02:43) community and i start to learn the the the name base center and i realized that no spanish language and i offered me to translate the spanish learning center and the name based team and specifically genu thank you because you with the open arms i uh i translate to the learning center and yeah just for context on the learning center literally the entire learning center has been every content has been translated and then actually i’m i’m very very motivated in the community a lot of energy investing in the uses

(03:33) cases uh i’m learning code i’m learning html i’m learning css python actually i’m studying a master in blockchain applied to the enterprise and and well i all the time i ask myself how can i help to the community how can i help to push the project and i have a tech limitations but i know there i have another skills and all the time i try to to to grow up these skills to put to the community to grow up in the community and this is a the point that was worn all handshakes page and the handshake payment method in my

(04:27) clinic yeah let’s get to that in just a sec um but i think oscar’s story is really phenomenal comes from a physical therapist background right totally no interest in blockchain before handshake and now he’s pursuing a master’s in blockchain thanks to handshake so man a really amazing story right there fernando what were you up to before you discovered handshake and kind of what got you into it hello hi folks uh well before handshake i’m a javascript developer i’ve been working with javascript

(05:00) i don’t know last decade um not into a crypto project or blockchain nothing right to that just regular you know company website and all those stuff um and i i found handshaking amazing someone uh you know have a post in a in a popular brazilian mail is there and i just got the link and okay let’s see and i was able to claim the airdrop so okay let’s see it and and i like the idea of the decentralized and the true ownership and when i realized that was in javascript the core of handshake was written

(05:42) that was very pretty instead of reading the white paper i i read the source code of handshake and okay yeah i like it that’s definitely something to to invest time on yeah that’s that’s intense man uh i have not heard that yet um just forget the white paper let me just really dig into exactly how this technique felt uh and just for context guys like fernando huge contributor to this uh handshake short source code just major developer in the handshake ecosystem so totally glad to have you here um red

(06:14) solver same question how what were you up to before you discovered handshake kind of what where they got you digging in oh hi before i discovered handshake i worked on other open source projects which did not use handshake at the time and yeah then i discovered it on hacker news and was immediately very interested in it because i already talked about the problem like ownership of my name over a long time because i always fear that for example someone takes my email address away or something like that and then like the idea that i can solve

(06:53) this using handshake maybe not now but soon um was extremely interesting for me and then what got me into there and then thanks to some hackathons i also started building some interesting projects awesome yeah and red solve i think um before you joined handshake you were part of these uh sia skynet is that right yes but i just joined the sire skynet community about one year ago and then maybe three months later i joined handshake because of the collaboration hackathon awesome great contest well so let’s get really into the meat

(07:27) of this guys so we’ll go in the same order but um oscar like what do you have to showcase for us today can you also i just kind of share um you know you kind of shared how you discovered gantry without you into it and then give us a little showcase of uh what it is that you created well it’s important to understand that the showcase i will present now is always the answer to the same question i have to i did to myself how can i help to the community and um what what steps i did in the past and how can i profit this experience to show the new

(08:11) eco in newcomers uh to to to do the way more easier so this is the the well i wish a share there okay this is the uh the first um web i did this is our handshake web um and this is to answer the question how can i get easier the way to the new commerce or noobs or no techie people this is a mind map i like to do mind maps this is a skill i have and i try to um to to condense all the information about handshake around the principal element handshake white paper and when you’re introducing the handshake world you need information you need to read

(09:12) listen watch understand all the stuffs to decide what what do you want to do in the handshake ecosystem first of all we have a key here the channels discord channel ready twitter and it’s very important because uh to add to these channels because you can find a very value uh information about handshake uses cases i have to to update this sim papeles this is a the baby of fernando very useful i i love it and this web all handshake is hosted in simpabella’s app redirect your names and the link beautiful the link i have a lot of the

(09:58) links i share i give names i try to to the people go to the link to prove it because it’s incredible you no need to do to be a tech this is a red listen and watch i really like to learn a handshake this is a people’s web very useful very very incredible web conceptual diagrams and graphic this is very similar to to to my map explorers this is all the spreads that now exist in in handshake and the search engines a handshake a certain handshake yahoo search if you want to to approach to the to the handshake in

(10:43) the meaning investment trading side because it is very important in the ecosystem all this ecosystem is interdependence between all the sections so all the parts are important you pull who has a high level of hash rate or how is distribute the hash rate in the in the handshake ecosystem right to calculate the investment to recover when you buy a miner all the meaners that are available in the in the handshake ecosystem halloweens handshake has hull beans and you can follow it and you can know what it is the the harblin

(11:28) excellent coin metrics to show what is the up and down uh of the value of the coin the rabbit uh this is to to change and swap coins and the exchange the change available to trade with the with the handshake to buy to sell to move to the name base or to move to what wallet to do the the beats and um this is a a carousel bar and i put the most interesting for me uh actually to to introduce in the in the handshake world and uh recently i add the search handshakes bar thank you andrew uh for andreas for this script because i’m

(12:18) not tech andreas passed me the discrete and copy and paste and uh works perfectly i gotta say like um i i write the uh name based newsletters um and i find it really just difficult to keep up with what’s going on in the ecosystem i i’m curious how you managed to do so um because this stuff looks pretty up to date i’d love to see the handshake logins as one of the use cases but like other than that man you’re like on top of it i’d love to know just how do you keep up what can you repeat please yeah uh like um

(12:56) how are you keeping up with the news like how how are you updating this oh yes because i’m can you see all the channels so i am all in of the channels yes yes it’s crazy that uh well because the information it’s very important and i i like to to to stay at that in this this web because this is the first impression you can do with the handshake world and i search in the all the channels and when i find a new uh thing to update uh i i collect of the updates and in the weekend i uh invest the time to to update and i i

(13:46) am i have the lucky because a lot of people send me uh dms in this court to tell me hey oscar there is an update you can put this in the diagram perfect this is great if i can change and move the the my map no problem uh this is the way uh to be informed uh and updated all of the weeks and very about the handshake and i like it i love it and this is a peaceful font and information i have every week so every week i have to read the the shake uh in in sunday and the next use case another question for me how can i help the community how can i

(14:43) help handshake so you can come to my clinic and if i treat you you can pay with handshake decisions so this is obsession for me you know johnny because in the beginning when we talk about it i told you i want to find the way to be able uh to pay the session with handshake so this is very rudimentary tool but when appears gateways or another apps to do this easily and see more secure so i i update the web with no problem so basically you have the coin market handshake balloon euros this is the logo very pretty with this color

(15:36) and qr with my wallets gate yo if i want to trade are you showing something right now because we can we’re still looking at all hms oh uh sorry ah here yes now it’s working yeah yeah so this is handshake coin market this is the logo with the very pretty color this is all enterprise color corporation and this is the qr uh gadio if i want to to trade with the handshake or if i want to to beat actions in wallet this is a very easy way because the the patient user or client come to the the clinic uh by the way

(16:23) by the way we are the first berry clinic in the world we can pay with handshake so in the barcelona you can pay your treatments with handshake and um you finish the treatment and you uh go to the wallet scan uh this qr and uh make the uh the payment and appears at the hash the transaction the tx and you can submit here and copy and paste and put your email and when you send the tx i will receive in my email and i check i can check that this is the correct quantity or this is the uh that you are did the transaction and uh

(17:15) when pass hours or maybe one day i will receive the quantity so this is the way i’m trying to to to push the community and actually in the master we are working in a group this is a very long run project the final work in the master is about the a crypto mailing between handshake tld but is in in inception we don’t know how could how how we can do this but we’re working on it and i think the well i’m very happy to to to share all of these cases and the final message is the people we are not techy we are not dead

(18:16) no fear you can come here with the community uh you will find a lot of help uh i am noob i am not deaf and we can do uh the the beats we can uh own tlds so uh well welcome to the uh to the all newest people in the handshake and thank you for organize this very cute handycon thank you mike thank you johnny thank you jihan and i am joined a lot of with this handycone awesome thank you so much oscar cool uh fernando man what do you have for us to take us kind of through um the thought process behind what you built um feel free to share your screen uh i

(19:06) know you have probably so much to share um you might need to uh prioritize uh just choose a couple okay uh just a quick story uh i guess everyone here when start with handshake did basically the same after they got a few tokens uh let’s build and of course i bid on my own name i bid on not falci and what happened i lose it i was not really aware about how bit works and blocks and you know less block beats someone just got uh one hms mark and got my surname um maybe maybe because i got the the airdrop thing i didn’t start

(19:48) on handshake by name base i start by by myself i just claim it i just check out the code and i have it uh so i was more on that side and and there is no way to find the owner of a name unless the owner wants to proclaim well unless the owner saves something and you can access there’s no way to know it um and i i i would think well maybe i if i can reach whoever’s got that falci i can i can negotiate i can buy it back like second hand um it was not on the on the name base marketplace so it was probably bought by i don’t know wallet or a

(20:33) desktop app or something uh and and then i have this idea that something that is pretty common for for regular i can domains is you have a landing page just a parting page to access a website and say hey this website is for selling if you want to buy send me an email proposal all those kind of things so i was i i thought well we could have something like this and i create a simple page where you can just put your contact information and you are supposed to use that page as a landing page for the domains you want to sell

(21:07) so i believe that the easiest way to find the owner of a domain is going to the domain right uh so this is how the the parking sim paperless was born uh just to find uh whoever’s got the that fellowship but no luck so far and i made it in such a way that everyone can submit and add more domains uh it’s just uh simple so just look into the blockchain so whatever is there uh we we put on the on the website and there’s like martin 2000 names right now they are not mine they are from anyone that has a name and want

(21:50) to put there uh i don’t know if they can share it where did the share buddha made uh if you look at the bottom um there’s an arrow pointing up okay next to the microphone the mute button wait i love this i forgot the link sometimes so go to user i’ll just kidding so this is the the the parking and the idea is to have a landing page you can come here to see the listing of everyone that has a name or you can access it directly but it it depends on the name so technically each name goes to to simple palette uh that was the first

(22:36) thing um i i was more involved in the community in the in the telegram and helping people common questions i guess the same as oscar everyone has like every time a new person joined they ask the same thing but an interest encouraging question that i started to notice was okay i went to the option system i bid and i i win now i have a name what now and that is not that easy like well it’s your name you do whatever you want you can be the website you can view the you know and there is no that much uh hosting available right now for handshake names

(23:21) so this i start my second project that is the apps.simplepellis uh you can go there create an account and you can add your domains uh the difference here is this app is meant for people that want to have a use for the name it’s not for selling i want to host a content i guess my my greatest example i can have is the hms that you just saw it’s here uh oscar has his own account so he can manage the content i try to make it as simple as possible so you go to your name you manage uh if you have a link do you want to reject i want to reject

(24:02) my dot com website you just put here or if you have a see a link that was pretty common in the ancient community you can put here or if you don’t have that you just upload it and we send to ceo for you and it’s going to be the same try to make it easy for people that are known uh technical okay so that’s the second one uh just some information about your domains people accessing i i’d like to say that i saw the hns search on me because i start to see hits on every single name i have like someone

(24:35) was crawling my website and all the names all the names in the parking everything you say okay there is a there is a search engine coming okay um the community is pretty small yet and i saw the hns search and i thought they have that amazing board for asking feedback and i did the same i just create an account on the same website and i start to ask people what they want and people say oh that we want to edit the dns so yep i went there and and now you can edit that in the in the apps someone suggests to do a payment gateway

(25:19) uh it’s a way to facilitate what oscar is doing uh oscar is showing a qr code to to his customers asking for payment and the idea is oscar send the customers to simpapellis simpapel show a unique uh hns address so it’s just for that person so once that person’s pay and we ping we notify oscar say hey go ahead because that person already made the payment and the best part is uh it’s a trustless way the address we show is actually in this case oscar’s address we never got the money go directly to

(26:03) him uh that thing is still in development i hope i finished soon and that’s going to be more focused on on developers uh that’s going to be the most technical so far on tumblr and the last thing i’d like to share is uh i also helping mounting this repository here on on on the handshake card it’s a place where developers do suggestions about how can you improve the handshake itself like in a really really really technical way uh suggestions like i want to send money to someone using uh it’s his or her

(26:46) handshake name so i i personally use i am fernando and if you want to send money to me for some reason you can send to i am fernando your wallet should be able to to resolve that this is just a matter of agreement we just need to tell the wallet developer how to search for your address and tell to the host how to broadcast your your address but we need to to sit together and talk and reach an agreement on how to do such thing this is the the handshake improvement proposal proposed start i encourage you guys to go there and

(27:24) have a look um yeah there’s some nice ideas and go and check there i guess this is pretty much the the most exciting things i have working in the handshake community awesome thank you so much for sharing fernando um i let’s see can you unshare your screen perfect cool so we we’re coming up a little um over time i think we can go about another seven eight minutes uh but resolver um let’s take as much time as you need i think you got something built that’s pretty damn awesome um can you kind of just share the

(28:01) thought process behind building it and then let’s get that showcase going yeah i prepared a little presentation to introduce it oh perfect i just need to share my screen okay do you see everything in full screen yep perfect so yeah so we built um or yeah we built a program named skyfield which is an open and decentralized social network so how did we start it so first this is how skype looks currently it looks like a social network we can also see there are people posting for example about the handshake conference happening now yeah

(28:45) so how did we start initially we created skyfi doing a 3b kagaton in november 2020. this hackathon was organized by skynet but we also used handshake names for example for hosting the app and yeah we landed first place and since then we’ve been working hard on adding new features and growing the platform so creators are me red server i’m from germany and i’m responsible for the development and julian from the netherlands who makes all of the user interfaces and designs to then yeah convert it into something usable

(29:19) so first what are the problems with count social networks because usually when you try to find a solution for something you first have problems that you want to sell so problems we found are for example that social networks are forcing a specific client or feature on users you can’t really choose to not use it they are not easily interoperable with others and are focused on one type of content so you aren’t really optimized for different content apps but for example you use youtube for videos twitter for

(29:48) text-based content mostly and maybe instagram for images then and because they are not interoperable this can get really yeah complicated really fast also users don’t own their identity they can simply be taken away from them and they are also locked in because all of their friends are in the network and yeah they can’t take their contacts away with them also users are getting more and more aware of issues with privacy and security if they aren’t owning it themselves so they can simply be hacked and stolen

(30:18) and also users don’t like advertisement usually so our solution one part is decentralization so first we want to fully decentralize everything using the technology skynet skydb and of course handshake and what that means now for decentralization is that you can switch your portal your skynet portal there are multiple and anyone can basically spin up a scanner and you can use any portal and switch it at any time and still keep your social graph your reputation your posts and comments everything we also want to make you manage your

(30:52) identity so you have a private key which proves your identity it is never sent to a server you keep full control and also you don’t lose your identity when the portal is hacked because it can only be stolen if you’re targeted individually and it’s a lot harder of course and also your identity can be managed how you want so you can also link it to a handshake name for example to make it more provable security is another problem and we solve this by i mean we’re working on a public network so everything that’s private is end-to-end

(31:24) encrypted and can only be decrypted by you so it’s really secure and it’s also impossible for all user data of all users to be stolen at once moderation is another problem in a decentralized network and i come to it back later but the main point is that we don’t have a central moderation and every user can basically decide who they want to follow and which content they want to see so you don’t see all global content by default but you can basically build up your network of content and users you follow and see

(31:58) also of course to trust it everything is totally open source under the mit license anyone can see the code fork it do anything they want with it yeah and interoperability is something very important for us because we also want to be interoperable so with other skynet apps so we’re working on open data standards which are then also used by skyfeed so they are designed to be flexible so you can not only post videos images and everything you can combine everything as much as you like and also you can do nice things like for

(32:31) example just log into another app like a um i don’t know like a document editing app with your sky feed account and then you can directly work together with all of your friends you have on skype feed and don’t need to find them again also of course for a social net allows us to be available for web and android and beta the ios app is already working and native apps for linux macos and windows are coming soon thanks to flutter and these are not just electron apps but they are really compiled to native code so they run

(33:01) usually faster and are a bit smaller yeah then what are the features we have currently you can follow users you can post you can comment you can repost stuff you can save things for later you get notifications for comments and users following you this is interesting because by default you only see comments from users you’re actively following but notifications work even when someone is not following you so that’s basically the way you can still reach out to someone who doesn’t know you um also the content types already

(33:35) supported are links emma decentralized so basically the users suggested for you are built using the social graph of other users you’re already following so it’s basically a bit of a recursive user search which you can then use to find new users and follow them and we have emoji reactions on every post so you can react to everything with everything and yeah and also polls so you can ask people about questions and get answers so that’s the count state but we’re of course working hard and um one major feature that’s

(34:11) currently in active development and that’s already working but not published yet are bridges because we want to be a or we want you to be able to use skyfeed without caring that other users don’t use skyfit yet so the next feature is bridges this allows you to follow users and subreddits from reddit twitter instagram youtube public telegram channels bandcamp and all areas ask feeds that are out there and more and more networks coming soon directly from within skyfeed this is possible because we’re using

(34:40) this like standardized design data structure which is very flexible and it also allows us to easily convert data structures from other social networks to the sky feed structure and then directly integrated into the app then another new feature that’s really really advanced are topics and they basically look like hashtags but work like subreddits and how this works is that you can like add multiple hashtags to your post and these hashtags are handshake names so the person who owns a specific handshake name can

(35:15) then moderate this topic so for example if you own the handshake name name base then you can moderate the name base subreddit you then have basically the full power to moderate which posts are shown there and this also allows for for example a project to just get their domain name and then uh create different like sub hashtags for different subtopics uh with sub domains using the handshake names and this then yeah it’s basically the current concept and this should be available in one to team two months yeah then more things sky message

(35:52) integration this is another skynet app and this will allow you to fully decentralized end-to-end encrypt direct chat with each user you’re following also currently inactive development is mentioning other users directly in a post so you can just make like add red solver and then i get a notification and also more ui enhancements to make everything easier to use easier to onboard yeah so thank you very much for listening our source code is open source you can check it out you can also try skyfeed on skyfit.social

(36:25) redirects to the handshake name hosted on skynet and yeah you can also directly contact me if you have any more questions amazing thank you for sharing i was just going to say um actually once we wrap up the session could you also uh copy paste that link in the chat so others can just visit it like that is this presentation uh shared anywhere not yet but i can send it in the name based discord oh awesome great oh yeah sounds good um cool so that about wraps it up for um today’s handshake showcase session i think

(37:03) this we had a pretty baller lineup if i do say so myself um moving up next up is going to be uh sworn and leone they’re going to be uh talking about um handshake for good charity in the handshake ecosystem but we’ll take a quick break until then catch you guys uh in just a few [Music] my