Handshake Showcase – Phase 2 Part 1


(00:01) [Music] all right and we are live uh andreas and staphon i think this is a great segue from uh andrew’s talk at the end he uh mentioned um that the biggest thing we can do for adoption right now is just building out handshake applications and this is actually what the next two sessions are about we have uh some showcase for uh applications that were built on handshake but before we get into that um andreas and staphon love to hear where you guys are calling in from and then just share a little bit of your background before you guys discovered

(00:44) handshake what you guys were up to andreas do you want to go first right yeah sure uh so i reside in switzerland right now so that’s why we have some daylight for those who are still night time while i’m just working in i.t as the head of a help desk and i was just interested in crypto uh researching mining and then i i kind of discovered the gold shell miners and when i saw the silent version of the hs3 i was just blown away how silent it could be because i don’t really have a garage or anything i could

(01:16) store it in so now it’s kind of running in our apartment and that’s how i got into it then i started kind of researching handshake and i fell in love immediately because it’s just really amazing what you can do with it and the potential for it exactly the fun yeah i mean in my day-to-day i run a web development company and my customers are mostly businesses that are selling or want to sell products online so i build web stores and online stores and um i’m also pretty new to crypto since like in the beginning of early

(01:53) 2018 and sure i discovered bitcoin then ethereum uh looked at some other stuff but besides those two nothing really excited me until i discovered handshake yeah and that’s when my journey begin again yeah that’s perfect so um you know you guys discovered handshake curious um how you guys came across discovering handshake um like what what specific medium this is like a question i asked to every new name in our community right how did you discover handshake but also on top of that like what was it that really got you guys excited

(02:27) to even dig in a little deeper because handshake is like a super technical topic right combining blockchain dns to already super complicated topics so you do have to dig in a little deep just to get uh some surface understanding so curious um what was about handshake that really got you guys excited uh andreas and stevon yeah sure i guess also i try to make like a try to program some websites for myself and then almost all domains are always taken so it’s always a bit of a hassle yeah to find a good domain that’s one point but i think then

(03:00) the whole decentralized aspect where i’m i’m sure it has a value and i think that we need to move away from this centralized body and i i just really love the idea of owning your domain no one can take it away you you have it and not just some registrar that says okay dot com is also now for example a thousand dollars per year but i actually own my domain yeah also the community i mean i started going into the discord channel and then it was just amazing to see how welcoming everyone was yeah the sense of um i told i’ve totally

(03:33) heard this where on web developers they have like 40 40 side projects that they have um domains on every year renewals come up whereas on handshake you know unlimited sub domains you just get your own name set up as many uh domains as you want for each of your projects uh stefan i would love to hear your side of things um yeah i mean of course they decentralized them top level domains um of course and that just blew my mind and but next to the main names i i think i me not maybe immediately but right after i had thought thoughts about

(04:08) decentralized identity systems and i mean maybe it’s i’m thinking too big but in my mind by owning a name on handshake you in reality you own a way to identify yourself in a non-cryptic way and i mean i i can imagine the future in combination with ethereum maybe we can provide identities of all thoughts um i mean not only the obvious things like passport numbers or serial numbers or concert tickets and so on but um i mean there’s still a long way to go but and and we see how it plays out but in my mind it’s

(04:49) names are just huge huge yeah so uh on that note guys um this this is the handshake showcase uh we got your journey uh before you discovered handshake once you got discovered handy you dove in um tell us about you know how you came to so let’s start with andreas first like how how you came to decide to build hms search your story for between discovering handshake building out hms search what was that um process like and then please give us a little showcase of what hms search is about sure so i guess i wanted to search what websites already

(05:24) exist because it was very difficult to find a way of doing that so i searched around and i only found one search engine like y-h-n-s-o-o and i just thought that maybe there is room for one more and we also got talking and i asked if you knew about more search engines so i thought hey i think a search engine is really important for mass adoption also for for the community also to to see what is being built and and for any ecosystem i think a functioning search engine is is key where i see yh and soo very functional i just thought we could

(05:59) also bring in some some fun aspects and design elements similar to google that’s why i then started making kind of a google clone and yeah i could quickly share my screen here let’s see where uh yinsu is kind of the handshake equivalent of yahoo and hms search equivalent of google so uh curious um yeah how you know that interaction will be moving forward exactly so i’m not sure you should see now my uh screen if someone could just confirm that just so we are yeah it’s a oh yeah yeah totally all right perfect so well this is the the

(06:40) home page and as you see here for handycon we we made a little specialty logo uh where we we tried to showcase it like i said we want to bring a bit of well i want to bring a bit of fun elements from google into it uh we just we are very community driven so i communicate a lot on this court on well telegram not that much but i’m also there on twitter handshake mercenary where we take suggestions we also have our own suggestion board and for example dark mode as you can see was one of the top suggestions so we we implemented

(07:11) that where it firstly recognizes your browser settings your uh well your settings or you can just switch it manually and yeah i mean we can just do a search just like that it’s a little zoomed out can you kind of talk about um just kind of talk about what you’re searching oh perfect i can well now it switches to mobile of course yeah i mean uh in general we we have the normal search results with the title with the the url and we we do crawl descriptions but as most handshake sites don’t really provide descriptions so far

(07:48) uh there are not that many and yeah we we also offer this option to open the site with hns.to as not everyone so far uses a resolver has their dns settings changed so yeah that’s i mean it’s a it’s a simple ui we really wanted to keep it clean uh where we just offer our development board where you can leave suggestions and as you can see the out of the top four the top three already implemented and you can also report missing sites that link as well on the bottom and like i mentioned um we just switched our logo where you

(08:27) can see we we put this shield up because i really want to emphasize that we are working on being really privacy orange oriented where uh we don’t store data in the sense that we don’t track ips we don’t connect ips to search results we just basically search or log the searches but we cannot connect them to the to the users and that’s really big part and we are implementing new privacy features coming also later this week our schedule is like new updates come out every sunday or should come out on

(09:02) sundays will be announced on the different channels and like i said we we have some uh special features for example of course i don’t have the i think i’m still on the old one because i’ve been developing on it so let’s see yeah prefer that so you see you you search for block height uh and uh it just spits out the current block height of the h and s blockchain there are some more easter eggs hidden like that like i said we want to implement more and more and i think one of the biggest features we we just implemented

(09:40) last week uh is hns direct for those of you who are familiar with bang from duckduckgo it works in a similar way where you can use any of those shortcuts to search directly from our search bar this uh website so let’s see for example nyami which we also have on this panel you can just enter like this and then search any name you would like and it immediately jumps to that whoa okay can you actually go back zoom in and do that one more time or second i’ll go to that because i also prepared like this for example we also are

(10:19) integrated with uh different block explorers for example so uh h s fans so you can just enter the transaction id uh in the beginning just exclamation point hf search jumps directly to this uh to this side that is very cool and yeah so far we we implemented those so handshake mercenary just searches uh the search of hanchik mercenaries in papulis and some other ones also name base even though it’s not uh hosted on on the handshake domain i think has its its place here so just to make a last uh example we can and it jumps directly

(10:59) to the name this website i think that’s really the biggest uh definitely the biggest feature we’ve released so far and of course we’re open for new new shortcuts and we also are working now to integrate block explorer search directly into the to the search so if you search a transaction id it recognizes it and similar with the block height gives you the information you’re looking for and uh yeah maybe maybe one last thing the integration also started for example we’ve been working with all hns and they so far also integrated

(11:34) our our search bar and here all the shortcuts work as well so you can you can still uh i guess for context this um all hns is actually something uh created by a completely separate creator um he’ll actually speak in the next session um but from i see so it’s it’s actually possible for anyone to just integrate hms search directly into their website we we have an iframe set up it’s just right now in kind of in testing so all hns is the first one to take it but if anyone is interested you can for sure hit me up on twitter or

(12:13) on discord and i can provide you the the iframe snippet because of course we want to to make it as easy as possible for anyone to implement the search so you can in search and we are also working on on the new crawler where like crawler 2.0 where we try to to implement more features of well to improve the crawler to crawl more handshakes that’s because d-links for example are really tricky because there are no no real backlinks to it so yeah we’re we’re working on getting an api out to expose the dealings uh

(12:48) hopefully that that can make uh your job well exactly but yeah i think that’s it so we’re really open we communicate with a lot of people from the community a lot of great suggestions most of them came from from the community and i really appreciate it because i think together we can make this search really really amazing and really useful for for the ecosystem yeah well thank you so much for sharing andres let’s move this over to use the fun same thing uh just your your journey from just uh really diving into handshake up until your

(13:22) decision to uh how how you decided to come up with something like miami which i can definitely share is just like totally loved by the handshake community definitely hit the hammer on the nail right there yeah yeah i mean first of all andreas uh thank you for integrating uh yummy sure thanks cool i really love hms search and well i mean in the middle of last year i i was browsing through through the name-based marketplace and i realized it’s really really hard to find um really good deals other names at this

(14:00) point but still um there were so many gems in there and but you couldn’t find them yeah and so i had the idea how how could i bring some intelligence into the naming naming system and um because i was also um right in the middle i had some time because of covert and i was learning like um some javascript languages some new stuff and i wanted to try it out so that’s when i started to just build uh nyami and yeah i mean the most question i get is um how does the rating work and i think i also want to share my screen real

(14:41) quick yeah just as some further um what is it called i’m trying to think the word in infomercials when they have like regular people um talk about how much they love or approve um some service what is that word but but nonetheless just like as further uh evidence towards on how much the community really values funny values in the enemy um this in in the back oh testimonial thank you jihad as further testimonial um for how much the community really uh values miami like just in the backstage before this started

(15:25) there’s a couple side conversations about investments towards miami um putting in a little more um support on the financial aid for further developing that uh so you know for perhaps down the line i would love um i hope the name based team doesn’t get too mad at me for sharing but i would love to see uh miami ranking as one of the sort functions for the marketplace too yeah and i have a problem with my browser he won’t let me um privacy settings and 10 seconds i restart my browser oh that’s good actually um uh staphon

(16:03) uh would it work if i just shared my screen and then you can tell me yeah oh no no i have a presentation actually uh real or some slides ah okay yeah um yeah go ahead and in the meanwhile i’ll share my screen what’s going on we were able to see it just now just as a reference well there he goes michael shares dot uses legendary is uh mike uh sulu is that uh do you own use yup i love how the number one most highlighted name on the legendary is just ass yeah i would be curious how the the whole algorithm like works how he how he classifies them

(17:01) but probably he’ll go more into that okay it’s really bad i will try it like that um i will try it without it and so the basic thing the basic thing is um at the moment we have really six more than six hundred thousand names and it’s really um hard to to um to browse all this those names and to rate them so um i really had to optimize my algorithm in the last past weeks and but basically on a high level how it works you get some input the rating system does its thing and it outputs um names with a with a rating um and

(17:48) how does it work exactly i will share a presentation where all the um maybe on twitter maybe you johnny can can share it afterwards um but basically i have a punish system and a rewards system so i just point out i won’t talk about any or every punishing or rewarding system but just to pick a few if the name i mean we i think we all agree basically um if you have privacy the word privacy um everyone would agree that it’s valuable it’s a common word um in a supported language it’s it doesn’t contain any

(18:31) number or underscore and therefore it gets a high rating there are some other parts like if it’s a really really short name like c i mean it’s immediately valuable i don’t have to check anything also there are i realized there is some spam coming up so people like really um put in lists of words and just register them in their hopes to make some money and we have a lot of exotic english names german names um with a but with a bit of zero so someone bits zero with a um blind of uh 0.4 so that will also get punished

(19:23) just to bring some transparency to trans transparency into the naming system and um i also yeah i mean let’s let’s i think it’s it’s best if i um give you some examples like like what i said before privacy privacy the the word the domain privacy um received a bit of 33 000 handshake that was the the amounts somebody was willing to put into that to buy that domain so i consider it um as a high value domain it has no digits it had no has no special charge like underscores or something like that and it’s a common english word so

(20:09) therefore it gets a rating of uh in in the new system uh in the version two of 935 um from thousand points and that’s uh really yeah really really high on the other side we have um something like name search name search is actually um an on auction later today and i think most people would also agree that name search is also valuable but it’s really hard for me to detect that because it consists of two english words common english words that are stuck together and i cannot rate that at the moment and so it’s it’s um receiving a lower

(20:55) rating than it should have actually but it can increase in the future if it’s if it’s sold on name i will implement that on name base or on check decks so the rating can increase once it’s sold or once it gets sold every time it’s sold it will increase the rating but it’s really intulated because um if i would take like consider the the the um the blind sure you need that hns but you will get it back so you could manipulate it so manipulate it so it’s really important for me that uh yeah money has to

(21:37) um find its way so but but it’s really important for me to say please don’t take miami too serious because just because a name has a low rating doesn’t mean it’s not available valuable and yeah i mean in the new version um i will also have some languages like german french and like the word cafe with an apostrophe yeah you can uh check that and also i implemented a validation for puny code so you will see if you have a i had the example of a pizza pizza slice um if you have the the valid puny code if it’s the real

(22:19) emoji then it gets a really high rating but it’s invalid uh puny code then it will get a very very low rating even zero maybe i i in general i don’t want to be the judge just want to bring some filters in and then some yeah some algorithms and yeah in the in the end uh all i can say is visit miami browse some domains check it out and yeah if you want to give me feedback i’m on twitter awesome yeah and i i that’s perfect we’re right on time um regarding miami i think it is true um i think not only are is the community

(23:02) really curious about how the valuing algorithm works but i think um the community would be really willing to chip in on you know hashing out some of the things like name search um figuring out a way to increase the values of those um i would say one suggestion i might impose is just the presentation that you would have shared um perhaps just sharing it in the about section on miami so anybody can just have a look and on that note um if any attendees have a presentation they want to share um for the rest of this conference

(23:39) please just email it to me at johnny name based on io as a backup and i can share my screen uh just in case it’s as needed well so we’re gonna take a quick break um until the second half of the handshake showcase today [Music]