Handshake Showcase – Phase 1


(00:01) [Music] all right thank you everybody this is uh the last sec session for phase one of our first ever handicon handshake conference um i don’t know about you but it’s been amazing already so there’s a lot more to go for today and the next next day so we got hand hand shake showcase time it’s gonna be moderated by ryan ramirez you may have known him in the community i let him introduce himself a bit and there’s neil and some so we really wanted this is what it’s really all about of course we have some really good

(00:43) main people sharing their knowledge and their experience but this is really what i believe is the future of handshake to really showcase developers and the community of what they’re building and what they’re making and maybe also can make some new business partners new customers you know support these people sign up for their services you know uh share on your blogs on your social media so this will be the last session for today and then we’re gonna go into networking mode with round tables and air meet so you’re

(01:11) welcome to stay for that and again the auctions will be tomorrow end of day okay without without further ado brian take it away for the handshake showcase awesome awesome so welcome everybody this is this purpose of this segment is to showcase some some brilliant minds that have built something on top of handshake so we have neil here with flip flops and johnny a little bit about me i’m just i’m just a regular guy i actually sold nft to jahan but i just after i just stayed i stayed with the community because i really i

(01:42) realized how passionate they were about decentralization and in my opinion handshake is one of the most consequential projects out there so the first question i’d like to bring up to the to the guests is give a little bit of background about you and what were you doing before you discovered handshake neil you can go first uh yeah sure um so prior to discovering i think i really got into that kind of stuff um um i got into uh developing like uh nft space and stuff before it was really enough um that’s that’s really when i got really involved

(02:39) in this kind of blockchain decentralization kind of stuff and uh i was i’m on the studio with a lot of color schemes uh i um just learning time when i first started college so i i really didn’t have a whole lot of understanding but after a while i started cooking watching in general and got into um and uh always been uh kind of like a designer and enjoyed the fantastic kind of mindset um i was always technically so i really wanted to cook the art before i really knew what it was and i thought it was just kind of cool and i

(03:23) didn’t think it was as big as i’d be caring today um but i yeah i became an artist and started selling some on superhero and stuff so uh and ever since then i i think kind of just like working with new stuff around bitcoin and it wasn’t until i i believe i just saw something about peninsula done on like my twitter feed or something in the past and i was kind of curious i didn’t really i didn’t have any really basic knowledge of like your side being awesome the domain name system or anything you know that worked

(04:11) getting about handshake just normally so uh it was kind of interesting just to just learn about like what the differences are and how those things work behind the scenes and uh yeah and it was it hey neil i’m i’m seeing a lot from the chat um do you think you can either move closer to the mic or us just and then see i speak louder a little bit yeah sorry um is this better that’s so much better yeah yeah okay yeah like i was saying i i um i kind of just discovered handshake um through through social media i’ve just

(04:55) seen some posts here and they started learning about um their name uh architecture normally just on the internet because at that time uh before this time i bought like a regular.com domain for myself just uh i figured i might as well have one that i saw my phone name was available.com so i thought about it i don’t really have a huge interest in doing anything you get another one um but then i started seeing about the dns stuff and then started getting a kind of fundamental understanding of how that worked and

(05:36) then it was like after that that i discovered handshake and so at the time i was uh i was thinking well i have a domain now so why don’t i can i get like a professional email guest um but just my domain you know i’m kind of i try to do everything like she was going to do with myself because i’m like oh i gotta put five bucks a month i think i can’t be that hard to figure out how to do that myself i thought it was pretty like that um so i was just i kind of started to do that for a while i just wanted to get that down um

(06:33) like during that process that i first got into a handshake and i figured well i could if i’m doing this right now i could if i just add the handshake you know what i’m going i found a lot of other things and it didn’t work yeah i kind of had a similar journey i wanted to test it out so i bought my first name and then the rest is history what about you johnny what were you doing before you discovered handshake yeah so i just want to share that i’m actually just stepping in for another community member who couldn’t make it

(07:23) um so i i’m not showcasing anything i feel i’m not a developer by any means so i’m total no code guy but uh just showcasing what he built but for myself um actually prior to discovering handshake i really didn’t care about blockchain at all i remember when bitcoin hit 10k and my reaction was like oh i remember bitcoin and i was like it didn’t really do anything i think i bought like 15 of dogecoin then um which is like 400 now so that was like cool that was like the extent of my involvement uh in the blockchain critical space and

(08:01) i’m definitely not interested in dns um but uh i after graduating from uni um i took like a backpacking trip came back and i was looking for a role um and man best like luckiest thing that ever happened to me um i went to my friend’s place played a board game with like one of his friends first time i met him ever offered him a ride back i was just we were just talking about like what we’re up to um i shared that i was looking for a role that involved talking a lot to people uh he was like oh i know this guy tasha and

(08:32) he’s uh looking for a community manager right now and that’s kind of how i fell in the handshake but when i it took me a while to learn about handshake at first the learning center didn’t exist back then um so it was kind of hard to get started uh but when i realized that uh i can just own dot johnny woo like i never thought about this it was like wow it’s like you can’t rent you can’t own domains like you can only rent them and the sub domain from like some you know domain extension owner

(09:03) uh so when i discovered that i can own like my own name i thought johnny wu is me uh and the next level was like thoughtless domain so i can have a website on just johnny woo like no dots oh man yeah i kind of went to the same exact thing so tell us about how tell us about how you built flip flops like what what was the process of of going through that you know yeah um well so it was it was that i should practice on my not really a professional developer or anything a little closer yeah yeah i was saying like i’m i’m not really

(09:48) a developer of much of this or anything really i basically just kind of like a hobbyist just kind of kind of i get an idea and i say like well maybe i could do that can i make that happen like i can go through a bunch of you know frustrating giggling and until i i i couldn’t figure out what to do and that’s kind of basically how it kind of all went together because i’m honestly kind of surprised that i haven’t messed anything up and i just i got this to be quite honest um i yeah like i said i was

(10:35) i was doing that with like my regular.com domain to just just to be able to say that i have a self-hosted email server because i thought like that it seemed like a challenge um and i mean this whole process i mean like i said i’m it’s so it’s kind of just been like on and off for months i think i first started the uh mail service i first got it up and running on my condom in like september or october maybe earlier um and so it’s been like kind of like an on and off thing for weeks months that i just kind of fiddled

(11:39) with until i can get something to work and uh yeah so i tried to do that for everyone don’t buy handshake them in and obviously a lot of trial and error but it was hard to i mean because there was really at the time because i i figured somebody would have already done this i thought somebody would have thought of this already because i i figured that that would be something common that people would try to try to think as a use case you know or like just kind of uh migrate an existing protocol like email over to this domain system

(12:27) so i figured that other people would be out there and i could test my you know my email service in my answered my name by sending somebody else with their own setup i i wasn’t able to find anybody that i was aware of for like months like i thought i’m pretty sure i had it working in like november or end of october but i just i just had no way to verify that because i there’s nobody else to send you know you know um so it kind of just sat there um like it’s the same technically it’s the same server as i

(13:07) that i use the mail server that i use for my dot com domain um are you still show like flip flops are you able to show it off sure yeah i can uh is there a screenshot yeah yeah yeah uh it’s right next to the microphone button on the bottom of the screen okay let’s ask your permissions also i’m totally registered on flip flops uh if anyone wants to shoot me an email i’m johnnywoo flip.

(13:43) fox that’s really interesting that you don’t have a developer background i think it would be really beneficial if you provide uh documentation on how you how you did it i think it would help the community i uh i tried to do a screenshot but i would have to restart my browser to allow permissions um um let’s see oh it’s several pages long all right um in the audience can anyone confirm if you guys can see the screen here yeah i can see that yeah neil so like you can just tell me um i i i can just be your mouse

(14:45) for you okay okay yeah yeah um well this is just like i like html and i kept it that way for a while until i shared the link out with everybody i decided i should give it up those and since i’m more into because i want to start thinking there’s life or something i can do with confidence um yeah so there’s literally only two other pages to this uh yeah i guess we could just go through this huh yeah the sign up obviously the first page enter yeah uh uh username password i have to capture don’t forget

(15:28) your password i i can’t read your password so you should remember that um yeah once you fill out the captcha it’ll give you yeah down there if you scroll down to that table that has the information if you wanted to hook it up to your like for example on a mac mac mail app you’re going to have an account you just copy those settings and uh authenticate with your password you should you’ll be good to go i have my uh android emails set up that way on my phone as well if you don’t want to go to that

(16:04) route you can just go to i’ve had yeah yeah that just takes you to the flip flop slash mail you can log in with the and con do i need to do at flip flops yeah yeah um the url is flip dot plots password and this is all on handshake right like like top flops is not an eye can domain it’s not oh no no flaps is not i i i got kind of like a i have like a freak almost i i was not expecting to

(17:07) win the the auction for that one i i thought all that would that’d be a good one if they’re short it’s uh that’s two minutes like like flops and flip flops or like floating point operations for a second i must have forgot the password i just set up oh i love it i’m signed into my johnny flip-flops now okay i can change it right now actually what was it handicon yeah yeah it was handycon at flip.

(17:37) fox okay but yeah i mean this looks sick uh it like the ui is super clean um yeah simpson type oh nice i i didn’t realize i had some uh emails waiting for me too okay i set it up i i guess since everybody’s listening this might as well be like a temporary public uh for a handicon all right uh sorry what’s what’s going on i got distracted i uh had to respond to someone on the block i changed the uh the password for that account that you just just set up and i guess if people want to try it out i guess they can use it as

(18:28) like a public demo page right just close the account so the password is uh all lowercase all one word public pass yeah this is really great yeah we’re in and this is totally community uh driven oh wow i already got one waiting oh somebody already said one well yeah anybody is welcome to um also pop into this uh handicon flip flops um password is public password you said a public pass yeah public pass all one word all lowercase and uh yeah i just as a download i can pull up all right you can’t see my screen but i’m using the

(19:15) mac native mail app i can send one from my my domain so neil do you plan on continuing to build on this or do you want to build something else what are your plans going forward i really had a plan for this but i i think after getting this far i can definitely feel like there’s a note in continuing building something like this out here [Music] um yeah one question is um is this are we able to send this only to other like flip-flop emails or can you send this to like a team no yeah you can you can send it to anybody else who has a server

(20:16) that is able to correctly identify handshake domains not just i mean obviously your server they have to have a resolver that can that can resolve and shape their names but not only that but there’s also some like the um built-in functions like the entire code of most email servers and and just the protocols themselves they’re just not designed to expect especially like their gld’s email addresses of that and and and alternative group domains usually um so like especially with spam filters even if for example it’s already set up like a

(21:03) handshake or an email server just like a regular email server and just brought the handshake resolver on it there’ll be a lot of problems still if um i just received an email from me because it’ll probably get balanced or they’ll probably think it’s like it’ll be like they don’t think that it’s the most confident spam it’s ever seen so yeah and and the other thing is because so yeah you you can’t stand it like for example sebastian was uh planning to be here earlier that was

(21:43) able to make it looks like um oh nice he he was the first one i i found um that had set up a mouse over with the same handshake capability that i had which was last month a month or so ago and uh i saw something in the discord that he said something like that i have an email i don’t know this guy just came out of nowhere well i was i was pumped because like that was the first time i got the chance to actually verify after like months and starting with so and so we sent the first um email to each other so surprisingly it

(22:34) worked perfectly okay with the first bill and uh so yeah he has an independently set up email server and it’s not like uh it’s like on like for example if you send an email and flip box to another you know flip flops it’s not really that hard of a thing to accomplish you know because it’s all on the same computer same server it’s basically just like leaving a note for somebody else on the computer yeah but yeah so then we were able to do it with the independent servers through the original um smt smtp protocol that was

(23:19) a verification that it’s possible so that was that was exciting yeah that was awesome to observe too and um to uh end this flip-flops on on an interesting note like it’s funny that somebody else from the audience signed into handicon at flip flop and emailed candy found out flip flops from handicap footballs so cool yeah so um i wanted to do a quick demo for someone who’s going to make it today civil room he created this simple web page that’s built from straw.

(24:02) page and so basically straw.page it makes it really easy to just create a simple website static website that you can uh download um the html file for right and so what’s interesting is so he introduced himself in the name of community said i got this set up and i noticed um that he had this website set up on um just a standalone uh tld which is actually a little complicated um normally you gotta like set up your own servers and all this stuff that i totally don’t understand how to um but what he ended up doing um was so he created a

(24:39) dealing so i’ll just go through his process um so i own jaywou and um d-links on uh name base so i’ll i’ll set this up as like uh andycon.js next and so this is all part of name base part of our notecode thing um nothing new here and we’ll say uh i really don’t know twitter.com all right so generate this and we’re good to go so um in my records i should have uh i should have handicon right so what he did was he went to here content dot handicon and so this is

(25:44) just the um a skylink so um what you can do is you can just put any html file uh upload it onto skynet uh and then you’ll get a styling and you can just replace it here and you’re just kind of hacking deals right so you’re just taking advantage of um name basis gateway uh which we’re gonna open source uh but just taking advantage of name basis gateway to uh put any kind of website you want on what would have been your feeling and so what i’ve done is i actually have a website template that one of the

(26:18) audience members shared with me a couple weeks back then or known by the world um but i’m just going to go ahead and copy this right here replace it right here uh and so now if i visit handycon.js i shouldn’t see the d-link anymore um i shouldn’t see this anymore what i should see is uh yep so this h this like simple website uh template so you can do this with like any html file um and uh what we plan to do is open source the uh d-link generator so anybody can upload this themselves anybody can set up the gateway

(27:06) themselves as well and then we can do a d-links uh like hack your d-links competition uh with some free handshake merch uh as the winner for like the most interesting websites yeah that’s a great idea yeah so yeah that’s something uh i’m pretty excited for um sebastian sebastian yeah yeah i see sebastian has joined sebastian um uh can you say something oh am i in here perfect yeah yeah you are so um we are kind of wrapping up this session we are um just running out of time but just for the audience um sebastian

(27:44) do you want to introduce yourself and kind of go through what you would have otherwise talked about yeah so sorry i came in late uh i’m actually at my job right now so i had somebody come in and it ran i’m like one of the email guys on handshake i guess but yeah that’s really me i wrote a tutorial on posting a handshake website on an open bsd box start to finish from auctioning on your name and setting up your own name servers just all that stuff where can we find that uh sure let me just post that in the chat real quick

(28:26) oh i can’t even spell my own name yeah and just to share like if you uh guys didn’t catch that so neil was telling a story about um he had created um his uh email he set up email on handshake but there wasn’t anybody to send the email to and then after months out of nowhere this like independent guy came out of nowhere he also said no that’s sebastian this one yeah so uh my kind of getting into email on handshake for me was eventually i mean i i got my name on handshake razor and i decided well i’m going to

(29:04) try to do like i’m going to try to get everything i can onto handshake and see what i can do to kind of push it to its limits so i self-hosted my website i self-hosted like a git server and stuff i’m like well this is basically just uh kind of static stuff so uh i decided well i’m gonna try to get an email server running on handshake so i basically i decided i’m just gonna i through process of like i mean just try it and see if it works i found out that it’s basically no different to running an

(29:42) email service or an email server on regular dns and i actually learned a few different things throughout the process of like how i mean how authentication is handled on email how email senders are actually validated all that stuff so what i learned in regards to actually receiving and sending handshake emails is if you send an email from a handshake email address to a regular dns email address they will receive that email but they can’t actually authenticate any of that data i mean my service right now that i’m

(30:25) working on it can actually send emails to to gmail and it won’t be marked as spam but the issue there is gmail can’t actually authenticate any of the emails coming in so i’m not sure why they aren’t marking it as spam but they aren’t uh i was going to mention the same thing that um sebastian just thought about interacting with the regular branding ultimate test to see if they can get into gmail it surprisingly was not as hard as i thought it was going to be but the only problem is it’s kind of pointless though until

(31:15) google decides to put a handshake on those right and i mean like that’s the thing right now is uh i mean technically if flip flops emails could i mean if they weren’t marked as spam by gmail i could theoretically just send an email saying that i sent from flip flops and i mean there’s no way to there’s no way for gmail to authenticate it so sending and receiving email well you can’t actually receive emails from standard dns right now but sending emails to standard dns from a handshake email is

(31:49) as unsecure as it gets right now yeah yeah and because of that i actually blocked that on flip flops um i’m sure if people would try it i’ve seen that earlier my sap comes up um i had to make a custom smtp error message for that i basically downloaded the entire list of icann loop uh domains from the root and copy and pasted the same or every time if the recipient address has that uh and they’re basically just saying it’s not related just because one so technically it’s still on my personal

(32:30) comm domains email server so any any email that goes through my server to gmail they’ll know it’s they’re going to be interacting with my.com primarily and if they see i’m sending a bunch of like non-existent domains they’re going to blacklist the hell out of my my email server um so unless until i until i move that over to the domain just my own security and then after that all right after that uh beyond just phonology yeah so it’s a totally pretty closed system within handshake until some good names get in

(33:22) all right well i think we’re over time i think it’s really awesome what you guys are doing uh keep up the great work uh sebastian yeah good to see you uh yeah well and then um right after the session we’ll just have some final closing remarks um uh from mike and then uh that’ll be a wrap for day one of candy or phase one of handycam [Music] you