Growing the Handshake Community


(00:00) [Music] um but hey guys uh this is the growing the handshake community segment uh i’m johnny woo i managed uh name base to name the community uh and so this is really oh great so i can just kind of share a quick a brief overview of how i’ve been thinking about um our community uh and then i’m before all you guys so for the name-based community it’s pretty simple um at a high level i just think in terms of like concentric circles right so um at the core is the directors and creators these are the people

(00:42) that are pushing handshake adoption um you have namers members and outside of the circle and so the goal is always to bring everybody towards the core um at first we began with just trying to get members into namers because this is aligned with name basis um we have one metric that we care about increasing the number of handshake names in use uh and so the way our discord is set up is now it’s pretty it’s pretty obvious um you join and like just set up a handshake name that resolves and you become a neighbor so it just really

(01:15) incentivizes increasing the numbers of handshake names in use i i feel like that’s in a pretty good space for now and so the current efforts are really just increasing the number of directors we have i think um you know pushing for a large marketing front where we get a bunch of new members in the community um isn’t necessarily the best uh for the community as a whole since uh i i just feel that having a really strong and white hot core that’s uh pushing the community even if it’s smaller it’s going to be a lot more

(01:46) strong than just people who are kind of just like about the project so to bring it on to you guys i i’d love to just get some quick background uh information on you all so can we all just go around and kind of share uh what you guys are up to before you even discover handshake let’s start with mark thanks johnny um yeah before handshake um i was vaguely aware of crypto i was working at the department of revenue um right around that time and i was seeing firsthand just how much the financial system needed updating and and

(02:21) how it wasn’t working for for people um and i was also at the time getting interested in a lot of the new top level domains had been kind of interested that for a few years i was looking at different ways to to use the the new extensions i saw that they could be um much more minimal and and play with context like having brand dot industry um kind of a format um and and so like i started creating kind of like this uh rolodex memory of it i’m not thinking i could like consult companies or something it was kind of naive at that

(02:54) time but um then i stumbled on i was trying to develop that out um and issuing like uh sub domains on that and when so when i found handshake um it was like a combination of all of those things like being able to be be the authority right of the dot being able to issue left of the dot um really having the the freedom to to play with that kind of context and then um and then uh yeah uh that’s what that’s what got me into crypto i was a no coiner before handshake that got me into crypto by my

(03:25) first stats to uh to get handshake and been fully immersed ever since awesome uh mike what were you up to before you got into handshake uh is this alcoholics anonymous um kind of mean i’m an addict i’ve been an addict for about four months now maybe a little bit more um i’m an internet marketer you know content creator um you know i i still do that job somehow i hope i hope our clients are not too unhappy with me i’m not responding to some other messages these last couple of days but um as fast but basically i mean i i

(04:09) uh internet marketing content creation podcasting on uh e-commerce cross-border trade with uh china asia and overseas oh uh graham oh looks like grant’s connections a little league grammy muted yeah yeah it was not working for me hey guys um yeah before handshake i can hardly remember that it’s been so long but i was doing what every boomer does when they get connected with bitcoin they dive right into bitcoin no maybe not i was into bitcoin in 2017 was looking for an opportunity to put the bitcoin under

(04:59) of cryptography i wanted to get into something in what that had a practical application so i looked around and uh finally came up with handshakes so glad i have have done that yeah awesome uh handshake jesus yes um so i was you know if i’m being totally honest i was um remodeling my house in the woods thinking i had retired michael saylor is now pumping our bitcoin bags and um i can just help humanity and i reached out to um one of the founders who i had connected with earlier on about humanitarian projects and i said what

(05:52) are you working on and he said handshake and so i looked at it and having had a crypto background um the funny thing about sailor is i basically i have a psychological services business i’m a psychologist by formal training and i started buying bitcoin early when i thought about it with like 100 percent of the balance sheet i saw right away as far as the revolution and i was willing to throw the deep ball and i went down the rabbit hole big and then and came etc and i sort of had the whole you know crypto education and um

(06:36) i think it’s it was revolutionary and uh so when i saw handshake i i saw and felt the way that i did when i first saw bitcoin i could see the truth of this and i actually think of it you know um the thing about um these cryptos is that they’re vehicles for values just like humans are and there’s a story here of self-sovereign identity and the um owning your own identity and the d what what a decentralized trust network really is that is actually transformative cognitively and i think that’s part of what’s happening here

(07:18) with handshake is that you know to have a self-sovereign identity um and things like decentralized search and all the possibilities you know an nft like a word is is like nothing else really and so there’s something really powerful happening here and like all of you you know i i fell down the rabbit hole i and i’m just honored to be here and have found a role in the community yeah and likewise we’re honored to have you uh here as well it’s awesome to finally get to see your face on camera yeah yeah thank you

(07:53) what were you up to before you got into handshake and i think this perfect um handshake you just kind of tied it into uh how you got into handshake as well so i’ll feel free to share that like what were you up to before handshake and um what got you into the engine hi i’m annabelle um i work in a trip designing company uh before i find hms i was doing administrative work yeah glad to be here awesome uh and how did how did you discover handshake like what was that process like um i was kind of interested in

(08:35) blockchain during college um but not really familiar with it uh then one day my friend told me about the handshake and i found out that handshake had something to do with blockchain and it is used for domain auction which makes me pretty curious about the system um i was wondering how it works so i started to learn more about handshake um then i i bought my first miner and i got i got my own hns and after that i i learned about the domain auctions during this period i get to know many friends who like internet

(09:15) as much as i do so an idea just drops into my mind like why not set up a chinese community and gather those people together and discuss internet or share news and technology together um so this is how the community was born yeah this is this is how i found hms and his is kind of like a history of of my community thank you well that’s that’s awesome i think that’s like really interesting because um that’s really similar to like kind of my story as well where uh prior to handshake like i did not care about blockchain was like

(09:58) not on my radar at all and it was my introduction into like the blockchain space uh i don’t hear that too often so awesome to meet like a fellow normie convert um mark uh mike graham we should go through uh you know what really got you guys into andre you kind of shared what you were up to before what got you into handshake and like why like what was it that that excited you about it let’s go with mark uh mike and then graham sure uh like i said i uh had been watching uh bitcoin and and ethereum um i think around 2017 2018 um

(10:39) and then just i don’t know i just kind of stopped paying attention to it for a while i guess it didn’t didn’t fully click at that point um and i was also more more interested in the the top level domains and how i could scale um sub domains off of uh the domain that i was trying to develop at that point um and so i was on vacation with my family and i i think it was a bitcoin.

(11:01) com article of like the dot-com um rush uh has come to blockchain and i was like like yeah this is probably gonna change my life crap um and so uh and i couldn’t like i really wanted to sign up like right then and there but um i didn’t have cell service so i couldn’t like i couldn’t um confirm my account to buy any any bitcoin at the time or at least i yeah like with the time and resources that i had i couldn’t so um yeah as soon as i got home i signed up i think it was uh valentine’s day of last year that

(11:31) that uh i bought my first stats and immediately put that in i was part of the the block 2016 like opening block for uh for handshake on name base still closed down one of the auctions there um and yeah ever since then i’ve been just like realizing that crypto like bitcoin ethereum everything else is um and so we we really need to focus on more fundamental infrastructural levels and i’m sure beyond dns we’re going to be talking about isps and um you know the more and more root layers of infrastructure but um this to me

(12:04) being able to play um like a handshake jesus said with um being able to play with words um own words really fully outright um in the same way that you can own a bitcoin you can own a word um that kind of uh context is just really attractive to me so i’ve been having uh having a lot of fun with it okay um yeah for for me um chris moore he he did a panel yesterday on uh south south asia um but he he’s in a domain industry more traditional domain investing i’m many friends for many years and uh i’ll be honest i was i was

(12:45) hesitant you know i i i’m a skeptic you know even with bitcoin honestly i’ve been in and out of bitcoin i wish i was like jesus here but uh i’ve been in and out um and uh so i i hesitated when he told me about it in like october and he’s like there’s this new name thing and he’s behind these names and i’m just like i’m not a domain domainer i’m not a domain investor i i mean i have i have a couple hundred domains honestly in the dot coms uh maybe i am then but they’re mostly

(13:13) built out sites i try to i try to build out the sites that i have i don’t i don’t really just like to sit on names so um that’s why it gives me pressure if i have a domain name i just have to use it you know i don’t want to just sit on names so he finally gifted me sky include it’s the first name i got and he he sent it to me for free um you know i think like october 20th or something like that and then i was like okay i’m not going to buy any other names i’m just going to build this one because

(13:44) i don’t want to build i don’t want i don’t just hoard names and squats so i did i figured it out with some of my web skills my marketing skills and then i just wanted to document the process um started youtube channel and i just tried to show in the same background i’ve been in this room in lockdown basically and i’m in china so um let me think i’ll start at the beginning when i was oh no i’m not going to say that basically at this time in my life i was looking around for something to be able to

(14:26) commit uh commit to for community some cash flow to support my life but also just to look at giving back and find something that had some meaning and some worth that i could really dig into and one of the things that happened that i find very fortuitous was i i listened been listening to podcasts for about 15 years and a real advocate for for listening and figuring out things through my hearing and just that understanding of of paying attention and one of the things that occurred to half of these guys and their advice

(15:07) i’d be in a different place right now so i started paying attention in a different myself and instead of just using the podcast for entertainment as as that went on for a bit of time 2017 and i heard an interview with teeshin and i can’t remember the guy that interviewed him the call at the end of the podcast or s for just to submit your email your name is would again get in touch with uh the people who had signed in with their email address so that was me i got a call from teeshin in february of of 18 and that that was the beginning of the

(15:55) story i guess the whole idea of having a fulfillment of of a plan bigger than me came strongest and that is this guy’s out to change the world and that is no small plan and that’s where it really spoke to me that i could join i very thankful today to be part of and not simply because there’s there’s money in it but this has really opened up avenues for creativity avenues for giving back to individuals and groups i i’ve said this to many people over the years i’m really a firm believer in asking

(16:48) questions but not just questions where sort of an interview style and we’re thinking of questions inside our head because when you ask the questions the answers show up and slashing are always there there will always be somebody to tell you what the answer is right here that you want to know that really sifts the answers out there to be more specific so i was asking a question back in 2017 and name base came into my life of handshake and here i am thanks awesome yeah and just for context i realized i didn’t share this um ahead of

(17:35) time but um so in on if you go to the community uh website page you’ll see that um at the bottom it will say that everybody anybody can be a director of country right everybody is a bonafide director of adventure and so everyone on this panel um it is a director of handshake but we kind of took a took that a step further in the name of community a name base where we put a little bit of a bar where uh to be a director it’s not just anybody it’s as long as you take time out of your day you’re actively dedicated to growing

(18:10) handshake then you’re a director and with that said so everybody here is also a director in the name community they’re actively engaged in growing handshake uh and um i’d love to hear uh from patrick jesus first it’s um what what are you up to um for how are you going about growing handshake and how did you really get started right yeah um you know what when i looked at it fully i saw all the components from asics to name base to bob wallet the basics were all here and ready to go and you know when you look around this

(18:50) community and when i looked into the community i just thought this team is amazing um and i can see the truth of this right and it almost seemed inevitable to me but you know i i consider this a little bit like a pickup game like a pickup basketball game um i you know being around crypto circles and you know you when you have skin in the game you will you it’s an amazing psycho-economic force and so you see the truth of bitcoin or handshake and you buy in and you’re like oh my gosh this is amazing and then suddenly you know you realize

(19:31) there are points where we all agree we have to agree that that root zone is is what handshake does right and then you you know just prior to us that amazing video about how to use the uh sub domains descent in a decentralized way um will emerge but there’s a few truths that we can agree on and so i had to find a way that amidst this amazing community i could play a role and i just um you know honestly name base made it easy because i i’ve literally gifted every name through name base and i think easy is huge for

(20:11) adoption um but you know i think there’s when you have skin in the game you’ll do whatever you can do to move the ball forward and you know as far as building community um you know that that force is behind a lot of you know what just drove me to figure out how i could play a role and you know that’s a cool thing about crypto is that you can add value to your investment and um you know we all kind of find our role there so that’s how the handshake jesus thing emerged but you know gifting names was really

(20:54) just like a marketing budget and a little bit of that if i need to um make sure that root zone wins i need to start being proactive in onboarding communities and you know um it’s i need to own my name of course but i also want to onboard key players in this decentralized um matrix right uh so if i’m trying to push the ball forward you know i want to bring to the attention of some key players you know here’s what we’re doing and um so it was a place where i could invest and move the ball forward and

(21:30) and i love the spirit of that it’s a spirit of abundance and it’s like it just keeps i wouldn’t put my values on the line for something that wasn’t inclusive and that’s what’s so cool about it there’s so much diversity uh the community is amazing because we only have to agree on a few things root zone for handshake is one of them and then you know the rest just unfolds from there totally that perspective definitely helped um but just uh could you highlight also like specific efforts that you are doing to help grow

(22:07) yeah yeah well you know it’s one thing that i have seen and with because there isn’t funding at the protocol level you have to get funding from the community or create businesses and create second level sort of um adoption tools that have a business model that make money so you know to move the ball forward um you know we need to fund uh uh developers right so i’m contributing to the h s fund it’s something that i saw kiba who’s amazing and he put this thing together and i thought oh that’s a

(22:42) great place to put money uh and to contribute to open source development um because grants and giving grants and donations from people um have a tax deductible benefit um institutions want to give to institutions and part of community building is institution to institution we started this handshake institute in in concert in many ways with the mission and the values because you know we this is community based and there’s only we believe in a few things um and so coming together as a partner to um raise money and give grants uh for

(23:18) certain projects to move the ball forward um so yeah um those are some of the specific things you know uh the interesting thing about the internet that’s emerging is the interoperability and that spirit of inclusion and so you know part of understanding decentralization is at the certain levels you can see with parlor that aws just shut their lights out so you have to have a decentralized aws which is a dot akash right and so one thing that i did i think greg is amazing he spoke last night i think he’s a total g and

(23:58) what they’re doing is incredible and so you know i i want to onboard communities in that way something i got to was done it’s just like dot f like that that you know including everybody even the dot coms right i think uh so to the people uh you know to the dot com to verisign for that for that matter uh about claiming dot com and dot net and dot org and having fun with it you know there was a story with bitcoin about short the banks and this decentralized mike carson can uh capture this perfectly and i felt

(24:37) his spirit about this perfectly the disruption of what people think the internet is most people think the internet is dot com or dot org most people have no idea what the internet actually is and once you disrupt the centralization like this this it’s an explosion of possibility and so many things come out of this um so education on on that front right if it’s a vehicle for values and moving humanity forward it’s a it’s a conversation and it’s an engagement and it’s things like this that bring people

(25:13) together and where in some ways it is a movement right and um so i just want to promote that movement and and on certain fronts uh because it is such a there are many fronts on which to fight the the battle in that way for freedom and funding people like kiba matt i mean if you’re listening to matt he’s amazing like the crew here is amazing and i just want to be able to throw fuel on that fire and move this ball forward as much as possible because i i i believe in the freedom of the root zone in this way

(25:50) and i’ve made significant investments and sort of curating i i think we’re curating thought in a lot of ways we could potentially be routing thought so for instance somebody sold me dot truth and i think there’s an amazing responsibility in that work right this is to to to route the the sub domains of that truth is just it blows my mind so there’s so much possibility with this um i just want to push the ball forward as much as i can in any way i can and and just be vocal about it right people aren’t going to know about handshake

(26:26) unless they become and that happens in certain ways and um you know i basically just attack everyone i know and you know everybody on twitter um yeah i think um this is one like as far as helping grow the community like one one thing i really wanted to highlight like beyond just like setting up a fun like one thing that you started right like so many people are joining in on that and we can already see like we we got terry crews to respond to uh right and that was totally kickstarted by you uh so like from in but in the audience like

(27:03) you don’t need to you know be in a position to like set up a fun like even just simple name gifting is a great way to help grow the community uh annabelle uh i we’re getting a little short on time but i’d love to still get through uh everyone like how are you guys growing can’t you think uh and what are like the efforts that you’re engaged in right now um i’m managing uh the community um marketing activities are mainly used in building my community i have set up the website hmsfest.

(27:38) com and some wechat groups and we also have our twitter account mainly i translate and share the latest news about handshake in the groups and other fans in the groups also helped me a lot well there there are something that i would like to say um internet fans was established in november 2020 up to now there are approximately 1 000 people in the chinese community and i i really hope i do hope anyone who’s interested in hns can join our community um you can scan the qr code from at the bottom of the website

(28:20) to enter our group chinese group yeah if you have wechat account of course um feel free to share any idea to us you can see anything related to internet in our group because literally anyone can participate without any approval approval um anytime anywhere as long as you want so welcome to join us um i think yeah i’m sure we will make the handshake better thank you yeah and i think that’s that’s like a a point you made at the end about like not needing approval that is like the spirit of handshake i’m every

(28:59) director here on stage like whatever efforts they’re about to share they just chose to do so on their own there’s there was no like gatekeeper who said you can or can’t do this uh it’s really just like everyone here is very proactive about their efforts uh graham um what what are you doing for uh engagement in the community oh you’re immediate man graham you’re muted you’re muted you’re mute okay there it goes um as i was in early with the name based fortuitously [Music] from the beginning i was able to help

(29:45) out with some testing on various programs and things that they were introducing along the way including exchange website stuff yeah even up until just a lot installations of programs and that was a great part but there was a part of me that wanted to do a bit more so set up a podcast the ground and i will put the others who are either listening or watching that i may be after you for cast i’ve made some notes but should i go to the notes um no i’m good to go oh personally on besides contributing to handshake

(30:38) and name base there’s stuff that we want to do personally and there’s a couple things that i’ve been doing and collecting names to give away we’ve got a very large list a lot of the list does not include people who are savvy about what’s going on so like the request of gifting going into the into the garbage as they delete it whenever they see the word free or gift so i’m working on that i would love some help with that as well but also working it within trade sectors that i feel are important to reach out

(31:12) to and to move adoption forward as well but also i think that there are some really interesting moves for us to make into areas that were never even considered even best in their world countries people at risk on the internet all of those areas are to be looked at through the lens of of what we’re doing with security of name and email and some of the other things that we’ve talked about so there you go a bit of a list thanks yeah we have a director direct we have a director directory uh for our community but i think

(31:51) um the namer story podcast is like a much better way to really get in a deeper dive into each director what is it about them that uh because everybody has their own story of why handshake expects him um so if if you are a director or a namer uh reach out to graham and hop on the name or story podcast it’s all interesting um mike and then mark what are you guys doing to engage in the community mike obviously organized this entire event so uh that’s one way to start yeah i don’t you know i’m of course it’s

(32:27) just i’ve been just monitoring the community i try to study that’s why i’m always hesitant to get into something because it consumes me when i do something if i commit so you know that’s why i hesitated for a week or two in october but yeah i mean i just jumped in i i i did a call with johnny i don’t know if you said that but i don’t know if you still offer that but i was like blown away you could just book a call with johnny i think he’s linked all over i forgot where i first finally got over the the hump to book a

(32:53) call with you um but i booked a call and uh i remember you’re like you’re like the hardest working guy i mean i think you were driving your car your girlfriend home and doing a call with me or something and uh um but basically i’m trying to create content you know similarly graham like you know i i have a different podcast uh global from asia i hope i’m not upsetting my audience because i usually talk about amazon and e-commerce but i did a few shows that’s kind of even how this this conference

(33:22) started with jahan came on we had tiashon uh we had a few other other people in community on some i think i might cool off the content of handshake on global from asia honestly but uh sky include is our youtube and our blog um we’ve also port sites over for people um considering making it maybe a paid service but for now just kind of trying to help people educate people um you know potentially maybe you might bridge it with my traditional seo web development agency um but for now it’s like uh you know one of those stars on your

(33:58) chart you know your business plan you have like the cash cow you have like the dog you know you have the star this is kind of in that in the the rising star category where it’s uh it’s a longer shot but if it works you know um but basically yeah i mean i i guess the quick answer is creating lots of content uh this conference i consider a content you know i love creating writing content so yeah mike for you mentioned the global um asia podcast like and global from asia podcast and i believe the story behind this

(34:32) handshake the handy conference is um really uh you’re just on like live chatting with jihan uh and then i just decided you know what let’s just like set up this conference uh we’ll just book it in like two weeks and then just do it um don’t need anyone permission yeah it was honestly i even started getting nervous like i think we even like last week i was like maybe we maybe it was a little bit too short notice but we did it we did it so yeah and if anybody needs help like porting their uh traditional website you want to put

(35:10) it on uh your handshake name mirror it like yeah it’s not just me i have a team of about 10 people so they’re they’re actually getting addicted in handshake so mostly in asia you know philippines and uh other parts of asia china so i you know they’re on my payroll and i’m like man i’m like paying people to uh i’m like i’m scared but uh they’re learning and they’re loving it and uh um it’s great finally mark uh how are you getting engaged in the community how are you helping brett

(35:46) yeah um lately i i’ve just been sharing uh my perspective and and sharing things on on twitter like being super active on twitter being that the official h s account um isn’t um and i’ve been getting a lot of good traction with that i recently started doing um clubhouse rooms i think about a month ago and just set up the official handshake club on clubhouse um so that’s been super exciting i also run the um official handshake group on linkedin which honestly i’ve been kind of neglecting so i’m going to be a lot

(36:18) more active with that uh and i’m excited that i um actually within the last like 48 hours i just set up my permanent studio so that’s what i’m in right now and so i’m looking forward to sharing out a lot more video content and around a lot of the recurring topics that come up within the the rooms and on twitter awesome yeah and i think from the comments like uh it now makes so much sense why uh mark looks like he’s just a moving headshot uh got the studio set up cool so um while every director here

(36:51) really just decided on their own volition to decide you know figure out how to engage in the community um you know there are of course tons of community members who want to help your handshake aren’t really sure how to get engaged um so that’s the idea behind the commuting landing page to join the effort um so i’ll link to it in the chat and there are just some very specific ways we can help grow pantry for example mark for the linkedin group that could really just be cross-posting news about handshake and that would be

(37:22) sufficient um uh but yeah you’ll want to go to outreach content development just for some initial ideas to get started but that pretty much wraps up this segment but i’d love to leave on onenote i think jihan um had a great question he asked uh all the speakers which is um throughout one handshake name you own that you really really like um so uh for me i was born year of the board so i got take emoji uh before i say that man you guys are all so amazing uh let’s make this the first of many providing this forum

(38:00) unbelievable there’s so much content here it’s incredible it’s it’s educating humanity so much respect for all of you it’s it’s incredible um gosh what am i most proud of geez there’s so many i this is just so much fun um you know i’d have to say i i i bought the handshake emoji and you know i want to put it into this i i want to give it the respect that it deserves and protect it like that it’s it you know i thought that and that’s how i feel about uh this so so that’s the one i’m most proud

(38:41) of yeah you said the handshake about you yeah yeah okay i see what happened there these yeah yeah well you know we talked about doing this um educational institution and and you know wanting to use it for that and kind of preserve it and you know sort of protect it and um and so but yeah i think that’s it yeah couldn’t be in better hands uh mark yeah um still keeping some of those uh a bit close to the chest but uh the one that i’m most proud of recently was um within the last day or so i won the um unicode

(39:23) uh rune r so like if you go to thor chain um they they have the lightning bolt but then they also have an r um that is like designed for roon um so i recently won that um i actually bit against myself so no nobody else like bit on that so i want it for 100 hms but um again i i think that handshake is going to be complete absolutely pivotal for the underlying infrastructure of um product excuse me projects that are decentralized that want to be fully decentralized and so i’m really looking forward to finding a way to contribute

(39:55) to roon with that awesome uh annabelle do you have a handshake name that you’re particularly proud of uh hi uh i have handshake names i have like 100 100 i have a three strawberries name i like it very much yeah that was a really funny story um when i joined the hms man’s chat group uh she was known as three strawberries uh and just like i just happened to catch her asking by the way i think we just launched make an offer and uh she shared that um if anybody has three strawberries like let me know like let me just check i happen to own

(40:44) three strawberries like i don’t own three three uh three or three emoji domains but that was just like the ultimate coincidence um and of course sent it right over to animal but that was just like yeah that was awesome uh graham and then mike yeah i used that name to to i use that name made my d-link to help my my my my friends in my groups um i put their names on my d-link uh and i also twittered uh my active yesterday and you can check on all my my tradition as fans and usc will happen yesterday um yeah this is the

(41:35) uh one of my favorite name cool uh graham great thanks say i i can remember getting my name my my first name and and then i got my second name and then i got the two names together and when i just what a great behind the auction the the nerves did i get it and as a i was bidding again from the option to get my he uh he switched two numbers around mixed up his his lock up between blind and bid and i picked it up so really thrilled and and i want to be able to capture that in other people who realize the importance of having

(42:29) their name online and having a thrill about it so yeah thanks and finally our event organizer mike um obviously i have my family i’m lucky i got my family name like mark says i bid against myself somebody else bid a blind and i didn’t know if it was a bid or a blind and i bid above myself so mickelini my last name um but besides that i think it’s still cool sky include because it was my first name gifted by chris moore and it’s still serving that purpose i wanted to build it out and uh it is built out so

(43:06) if i can squeeze into well awesome that about wraps up the segment um we did go over apologies um ultimately it’s about the community so i wanted to give space for our directors to really uh talk about what they’ve been up to but yeah the next segment will be about uh mining handshake blockchain tech and we’ll get to that [Music]