Digging Into the Data – Learning from the Year’s HNS Charts


(00:00) [Music] hello guys um we’re shake stats my name is robert rykic this is gotham malango um we’re going to be talking today about um just general data of the hms ecosystem we’re going to talk about a lot of domain name trading related stuff comparing to the old system future trends and um maybe give you a few hints and tips here and there um so we’ll start our presentation we’re just gonna share on our screen okay i hope everyone can see that uh okay um so what we’re gonna talk about now so we

(00:53) met in high school um in year 12 and we started really thinking about like um cryptocurrency how to make money business related things and we stumbled upon handshake because he actually got the developers airdrop um and yeah we were interested in in this ever since um and initially initially um i wasn’t too sure what it was i didn’t know much about domain name trading but i managed to start trading around um half of last year halfway through last year and yeah i’ve gained a lot of knowledge so what is shakestarts so shakestats

(01:32) is a platform which gathers handshakes on chain data to provide namers and traders alike a better ending of the activity taking place in the protocol so our main function is allowing name is to make informed buying and selling decisions so um we have we can go to our website here so we have our home page where we have aggregate data we’re going to be integrating this data a lot with correlations later on have really in-depth sort of statistics rather than surface level um we also have categories we’re going

(02:02) to be segmenting um the whole market into categories we’ve already done emojis chinese names japanese names we’re going to go through more depth and basically treat each every category like its own little market only segment so you know how in stocks they have like a three percent uptrend today three percent downtrend we’ll have things sort of like around that and rich list also we have um we have the top 100 wall um wallets on handshake the top hundred holders and yeah so in our community section you can join our discord twitter at

(02:38) shakestats um all right so let’s get into the talk so we’ll talk about first the benefits in blockchain in gathering data um and then we’ll go into um three primary statistics we want to talk about one of the really good things about uh decentralized dna system that uses the blockchain is that it’s it’s a lot easier to get data out of the system so with for example if you were to think about if you’re trying to get if you’re if you’re trying to get the data about the existing domain name system you you’d

(03:06) have to you’d have to look at sites like godaddy and namecheap and yeah it’s it there isn’t like us there isn’t really like a it’s a it’s a lot harder to basically index the data on the existing system where where you have to go you have to go and keep keep making requests whereas with on a blockchain based system you can you can run a node and you can have all the data on your system on your machine and from there you can actually index the data pretty quickly yourself so and and also like everything

(03:34) like it’s everything’s just in the same format it’s very it’s it’s a lot it’s so it’s much it basically gives everyone an equal playing field where everyone can everyone can uh get has access to the same data and you and and they can make use of that data however they want for it with the with the existing system if you want to get information from different uh registrars for example godaddy namecheap each one uses your own format and you have to and it’s it’s it’s just it’s just a lot

(04:02) harder whereas on uh whereas on in a decentralized system it’s it’s just everything’s everything is the same everything’s consistent it’s just much much more easier to get it to collect data related to handshake domain names and and also this also makes it a lot easier to to to be to basically like to basically indexes data and you can do things like sort sort names and different categories and and and also and also do a lot of data data now stuff similar to how we’ve done yeah that was great so here’s the main

(04:35) here’s the main man here he really collects all the data created the website i’m more just a community manager like financial forecaster marketing sort of person so he’s doing the heavy loading at the moment um so first now we want to talk about our data findings so first of all we’ll go into total names created so we collected the monthly average um percentage increases in total names created um and here we can really see um a pretty clear trend line so um initially there was uh extreme interest obviously because it just

(05:06) released um and then it started started decaying all the way until december right um and in this phase in the initial phase there was extremely high accumulation of names um and because the the prices were relatively low due to like um low demand compared to supply simple economics um and we what we the trend we mainly saw was um single-letter domains being bought uh really premium um single words such as wallet and crypto which are in our top 100 on our website you can check that out and um mainly what this shows

(05:47) is a small amount of people just got the premium names and like they got so many because there was such little prices um and people may have got discouraged from there so they see one opportunity is gone and they think oh everything’s gone but in reality there’s 60 million um tlds to grab um and in the current system there’s in the dns system there’s 360 million so we have a long way to go um in regards to that since we haven’t even touched slds yet um and then from december um as you can see on the graph here it’s sort of like

(06:20) an exponential rate and you can see here grew from 13.68 to 26 in march has been growing even higher so um this really shows um there’s been larger prices on the primary market as a result of more people getting in um and then increased secondary market activity from initial accumulators but we still see that most people are still holding which i will show more in depth in the next slide um and one thing i want to say to you guys is if you feel discouraged about getting domain names and stuff because you see it’s competitive just think

(06:54) outside the box because at the moment there’s so much opportunity if you just you can probably grab up like a 40k worth name um like with on the current system on the hms system and if the h s system does what it’s meant to do you’ll be making so much money just off demands you got for zero dollars so really keep that in mind keep the long term vision um yeah so i’ll go on to the next slide we saw some i want to talk about we saw some price action correlation so if you look back at this graph it was

(07:26) your going sort of exponential rate from december around that area um january february and so is in march we can see here um on the graph from february and march it was going up as well um i didn’t we haven’t done any extensive correlation like um research yet but it just seems just from a nice overview just a surface level analysis that um the trend line continue upwards when there’s more activity on the protocol and you can really predict activity on the protocol since review periods and such go for like around five or two weeks

(08:00) like including the bids and such and here at the start we can see a huge spike because of the initial interest of 2000 and such and now we want to talk about averages um so gotham you take it away so each day on average just but there’s been the 1990 new names been been created so this means every month five thousand nine fifty nine thousand 700 names have been created each month so from the since handshake has since sanchez uh that has since i think blockchain started and started last year on in february uh

(08:39) new names have mostly been created at a linear rate where like this a similar amount of names have have been where i’ve been bought each day so if so starting from then it’s mostly been linear but since since uh this is december 2020 end of last year then the new names have been created have basically been going kind of where where you see or if you look at a total graph to graph of what the total names created since since the end of last year like it’s it’s mostly been it’s it’s mostly been going vertical and

(09:12) uh and and and the rate at it which is which it was increasing was 0.99 a day or which is 34.38 a month so at this rate and new names have have been i’ve been uh been registered on the highjet blockchain and so i and if and if we assume this current this current rate of growth that is started in december continues then we can expect to see 28 million names registered in one year and 60 60 60 million names is the maximum number of names that are possible on handshake so this this exponential start of exponential growth

(09:53) could mean that hachik is entering its hyper growth space of the new names being created it’s so right now we’re in this hyper growth space of new names constantly being created are like 0.99 a day but it’s possible that the current exponential growth will so will slow down slow down at a certain point once most of the meaningful names have already been registered because there are a lot of other because there’s 60 million possible names that can be registered but a lot of it is just like random strings of like

(10:26) letters and numbers so so so at a certain point once a lot of the meaningful names have been registered we can expect to see this the growth start to slow down yeah and i also wanted to add that um yeah he talked about the meaningful names and the possible new scenarios could be um business names slaying and spin-offs um is replacing um s with zed so that could be an interesting trend um i would like to talk about the primary versus secondary market so primary market obviously is just in regards to registering names

(11:00) secondary market is in regards to just the resale from um the handshake from like name based and such so bob wallet all that and we’ll see shape that’s in the future um so this really brings back to my point on total name averages so i wanted to show how i said there was high accumulation and a lot of holding right of names and not much selling action of premium um we can see here that when we um look at the uh average resale value taken to a pr count primary and secondary market data we’re in the negatives

(11:35) so um here this really shows that uh usually on the secondary market the prices should be a lot higher right um but since um all the lower quality names were sold that’s what’s indicative in this data so because the large names weren’t sold like for example c or crypto wallet that’s why we still see this negative number so that will change in the future people are still speculating a lot um and yeah these are where names would be extremely high open interest so open interest is when we say open interest we say um the

(12:13) total amount of hms spent on a particular name and um this is actually pretty good metric because it shows directly how much demand there is for it and then it it helps you um afterwards whether with your decision whether when you want to sell or what you want to sell and when um yeah we’ll get more in-depth data in regards to that in the future but yeah i thought that was um interesting to show that we’re still extremely extremely early um in the handshake ecosystem when we start seeing whales um coming to

(12:46) the system all of these big names will be sold and that would be indicative of a more mature protocol um and i want to talk about some market trends in regards to categories of the name so you see here um this is our secondary market data we also have category specific data and we will go into more depth in our second version of our site um i think it’s really important to segment the market in regards to categories i know that previously on the dns system um people weren’t really put placing importance on like for

(13:18) example um like groups such as animals or like crypto tech they were mostly placing importance on like exact match domains brandable domains and such but since we’re still in the early phases categories are really indicative of like um price action and um like prices on secondary market and such so i want to say some trends i found in the single letter single word and emojis so in the single letter as i said before like there’s no selling action of a single letter on the secondary market as you can see in the top 25 we have here we even

(13:54) looked in the top obviously the single letters wouldn’t be outside the top hundred so yeah no one sold them so they’re definitely going to be used for slds so keep that in mind um this is not a promo for the person who owns the c c domain but in my opinion i think that’s going to be the my prediction is going to be that’s the main sld for the that’s the dot com of the h ecosystem um purely because it’s just the shortening of com like people would think that when they first see it also it could be a

(14:25) shortening of dot crypto so this extremely strong um all that matters in the domain system really as everyone knows every expert knows is just memorability um utility also but memorability and brand ability so that’s really important and that’s the biggest thing um and also in single word ones we see almost hi all high quality nouns verbs and adjectives have been taken they still really haven’t been sold yet we see a few here um i don’t want to say the top ones are a bit rude but like yeah that one and then we’ve got y we’ve

(14:59) got journal so a few of them have resource but they’re not premium uh compared to other ones like crypto and wallet so um but they’re all taken um when i even search on name base uh any any premium sort of name you can think of they’re all taken so that ship has sailed but now what the trend we are seeing is they’re not in the top hundred as of yet but uh because people haven’t seen the real value but which is a shame but um premium words along with some other word accompanying it um in two letter tlds a two word tld

(15:36) sorry um they’re they’re the new trend um but we haven’t really seen a growth in price um extreme growth in price like we saw with emojis so what i want to talk about with emojis is that they were the first big trend in this market and i was actually proud to be a part of it um as you can see here the disappointed face emoji is number seven technically i’m like number five on the list or number four because at the time uh when i bought when i sold for fifty thousand that was worth more than the eight ball

(16:07) at its time i double checked and um yeah that i want to say that um we can see a really clear trend line explain it here so for example first of all we had these really high quality emojis like the sad fate the teardrop face and then we have that sort of i don’t know the number 18 i don’t know how to describe that and then we have the little smiley thing at the bottom these are really high quality um i sort of i’ll go into later um how i actually value emojis properly but they are high quality and the price has

(16:42) increased with every sale so i remember when i got the offer for the disappointed face i really didn’t know whether to sell or not but then i saw the eight ball sold for a lot less so the price went up and as soon as i sold mine around a few days later these other emojis were selling um for 60 000 each hns and i think that’s really indicative of the fact that the biggest thing in any market um in regards to pricing and like just estimating how much you’re going to sell for is just comparing to anything

(17:11) similar so if you get really good at categorize at like segmenting the market and analyzing like what’s similar to the dot which we’re going to be teaching in shake learn it’s going to be our um our platform where we teach everyone these things um [Music] yeah that’s like probably the best thing to look at um you just have to get good uh and just really be involved with the market as much as possible i’m not really a technical person but i just spent so much time in the market where i just picked up these things so yeah

(17:40) just um yeah that’s good so now let’s talk about the future of emojis i find this really interesting so on the regular system not many people really use or talk about emojis i remember i saw one person on twitter talk to me and they’re like oh i don’t see the value but they don’t understand that it can be an nft and it can have utility the utility is not as much but it’s it’s it’s like an nft and it can also be minted as an nft so this cultural phenomenon has had so much volume for example in crypto

(18:12) punk sales there’s ten 000 in existence so it’s less scarce than um emojis and the total um the total value of all sales 144 million which is ridiculous the top sale was 700 000 usd um that’s crazy and i think emojis are going to a similar trajectory um look at this they’re way more scarce so there’s only 3521 emojis and that’s subject to change because with every update there’s new ones but i think um that’s extremely bullish for emojis um just wait until then they can be minted as nfts i think

(18:48) kibo’s working on that um yeah that’s going to be massive for the ecosystem um if anything handshake wouldn’t even need to have um like success in regards to uh being compatible with dns system it’s just it’s always going to work it’s an nft right so what i want to mention also there’s only 20 unc um you can see the frequency chart here um posted by um i think it was unicode.

(19:14) org um yeah the smileys are all in top range because they’re the classic ones it’s same with crypto punks it’s just a trend that accumulates and because um because emojis they they are so frequent in our lives they have a really big cultural significance and i think that’s going to pull them through um one other thing that i found really interesting shout out namesake mark i really liked his tweet talking about how emojis can be used to represent crypto projects um i think that’s mad um because emojis

(19:43) are sort of replacing speech and i think eventually i’m no linguist but eventually maybe they’re gonna have even more prominence i think it’s growing exponentially just like total names um like for example great example is sushi so sushi swap i think use their that sushi emoji just like in their branding sometimes they haven’t really endorsed it fully yet but i think we’ll see more of this trend in the future um that yeah that really makes me bullish um on emojis um so now let’s talk about h s burnt

(20:15) another really important metric so takeaway gotham so since the start of the since the hatchet blocking started last year we’ve seen we’ve seen that every day 51 51 900 hms has been getting burned every single day so whenever also whenever whenever a auction occurs whenever auction occurs on for a handshake name so when you’re watching when you’re registering a handshake name so whenever auction occurs the winning the winning the winning bid of the auction basically the basically the amount that’s paid amount

(20:52) that’s paid to get the name is basically burnt is basically burned so that means that that means that every single day the max the maximum supply of possible agents is constantly going down so so on average it’s been uh fifty one thousand nine hundred agents have been burnt every day and at every month one million one million five hundred thousand asians have been getting burned so as as bidding volume increases and as more and more people coming in buying names the amount of agents burned has just has

(21:22) basically been increasing a consistent at a consistent and linear rate from a from the start and based on based on this current current average we can expect to see 19 million hns getting burnt every year so this is around 0.9 percent of the and total supply of handshake getting burnt every single year so this this means this means that every every single as people are more and more people come to handshake that that hns token is is getting more and more more and more scarce it’s every single year 0.9 percent of

(21:58) the supply just you just said just it’s just it gets cut so so i i just as more and more people come in like the it’s it’s it’s it just makes the hs token far more scarce as adoption increases yeah i find that really interesting also um handshake does have halvings like bitcoin i don’t know too much about that to be honest at the moment but i think that’s really bullish a deflationary token will um really increase um long-term holders and i think that’s good for any protocol so i might walk through now finding an

(22:33) undervalued name um let me think so if we we might look through the rankings secondary primary i’ll go on the website right now actually um so i hope you guys can see it let me just check the chat can everyone see everything okay sweet okay sounds good all right so let’s go on checkstats.com um let’s have a look oh there’s been a decrease in transaction i don’t want to give you too much alpha yet because we’ll be saying it in the discord so make sure to join our discord it’s on the community tab

(23:11) right here on our d-link shameless plug we’ve got everything here we’ll be having like presentations such as this so it’s good um one thing i want to say is one hint look at every name here right and think about the fact that they haven’t been done in other languages just think about that all right um there’s been in other languages there’s been little to no secondary market action so do with that information as you please that’s all i’m gonna say for now i think that’s um amazing okay so now let’s get into

(23:50) um the slide again um i’m still accumulating those guys that’s why i don’t give away too much to be honest i’m sorry um but yeah i think that’s i think that’s pretty good info um so also i’ll go into demand valuation basics um so i i talked about before comparing and critically analyzing differences um when you’re finding ironically when you’re finding similar names right because um as on the regular system people use a lot of tools that really just show like similar names right

(24:29) like for example i don’t have any examples at the moment but similar names right at surface level but they do have different um i don’t know different utilities so it usually doesn’t work like that so domain valuation tools usually aren’t very helpful it’s good to make your own valuation um so you have to really segment things like i said um and figure out its utility um and categorize everything and just look at trends and every things from the dns system is still very relevant so um shout out michael saga i looked at

(25:00) your um youtube channel you helped me out a lot this was really good um so he pointed out that there’s like eight no how many one two three four five six there’s six types of domains so there’s generic exact match brandable acromin uh acronym numeric and alphanumeric um the market’s not really mature enough for this to be really relevant at the moment since most of the trends have just been in regards to like categories people haven’t really since handshake is actually hasn’t been utilized

(25:33) um like in the dns system like no one really uses handshake domains in the mainstream yet so that’s why we’re really not seeing these utility sort of metrics um be important but um yeah i’ll go into exact match i think they’re very interesting so exact matches for example you go into like uh youtube to mp3 or something because people searched that in google and i think the um algorithm of google really appreciates that and just tries to get um what people need as quick as possible so for functions such as that they’re

(26:06) really valuable um i already got a few of them uh so you have to look for that and then generic uh i don’t really know generic is just like any name like for example i had one like tranquil it’s just a describing word um it could really be used for multiple things it doesn’t even have to be a company um i think people just like the name just because it’s uh highly used and it’s cool a lot of it just comes down that down to that guys to be honest and brandable obviously this is a huge one um so um domain name parking is where

(26:44) you try to think of names in the future that will be used so um the best thing to do is just use your creative mind and um think about names that could be created into brands um anything any variation with like a z on the end or like i don’t know some weird letters or like two letters like anything that looks cool like that could be brandable if it looks cool to you i guarantee other people will find it cool so that’s that’s something to think about always think about the future always think about the future because if

(27:16) you’re thinking about the present and always like oh no i missed out on this this that then you’re never going to make any f uh any gains um yeah so um yeah i have some alpha in regards to that but yeah yet again i’ll say it in the discord most likely um and then i’m not too familiar acronym is really important um i think you guys are aware of that uh two character domains have been going crazy uh three character domains are gonna be selling for a bitcoin translation into chinese at the auction um yeah please check that out i want i

(27:49) want a buyer um 25 is going to the hms farm so that’ll be great um yeah so uh what was that talking about yeah so all of those um things are really important um and generally just comes down to uh how well do you know marketing how well do you know um seo uh how well do you know how to categorize things and at and when the market becomes more mature and uh competitive that’s where you really got to start breaking down numbers and the averages you use can’t just be a reference uh the averages used could be really

(28:27) important in order to price your domains and then in order to find actual under value domain so you have to do a lot of calculations and we’re going to teach that um we’re also going to add a lot of tools on our website really important for that v2 of our website’s really going to be for the traders it’s going to be really really important um and it’s going to be free for a long time we’re going to have this it takes a lot to do for us as well takes time out of the day um yeah we’ll have that in the future so

(28:54) just look out for it um and yeah um you also one note the difference about um there’s two differences between the regular dns system and this dns and this hns system is think about whether you’ll gain more from actually holding the coin and gaining compound interest um compared to um selling yours now and um yeah so for example my decision was selling the emoji i thought it was great to sell um at the time so i could accumulate so many more and just be a whale in the system that’s one benefit uh also i thought

(29:37) i’m gonna earn a lot from compound interest on this hms goes up it’s really correlated to the price action uh like the total names and market data will have a lot more in-depth statistics in regards to that it’s pretty surface level i’m saying but it makes sense it’s uh common sense to me and the second thing is nfts um i said before about emojis possibly um like certain names and like in that are prominent in culture could be used as nfts nfts could be really anything um yet again i think keep is working on that so

(30:10) i need him to update me because that’s cool as i really i really think that’s cool um yeah that’ll be great for our system like for example i think maybe the bitcoin one will have really strong nft value because it’s it’s like it’s it’s the inception of everything on the crypto space i think people really value that so really consider buying that right now if you have enough money it’s pretty expensive i think i put it for 280 000 hms so as the reserve price so that’s the starting bid

(30:42) um so now we want to get into what is next for shakestar so we’re talking a lot about data and now we want to talk uh just do a shameless plug so if it’s annoying but yeah so we’re gonna incorporate historical usd value for each domain and the graphs so we’re almost done on that gotham can speak on it yeah so basically historical ufc value will show the the value of the domain at the time it was sold for example if you saw if you sold a domain like and if a domain was registered like last year when the hms

(31:14) price was like mid last year when agents price was lower it’ll it you could if you if you if you show the usd values if you decide to show the usb values on the side it’ll actually show you the value on the on the day it was it was registered so it won’t show is so it’s this means that you can actually see like since see the value values name at the time it was it was sold and and also graphs also also i have a button show you usc value at the time at the time i at the time the uh yeah all over time

(31:47) so it it so you can see it’s still cool usb data along with the hds values yeah i’d also like to mention every average stat we had today um that’s really the beginning of what we’re doing we’re gonna we’re gonna have to test things to make sure everything’s accurate for you guys we don’t want to give you false information so we’re really working hard on that and integrating on our website we’ll have it in categories we’ll have it in names we’ll integrate with the rankings and

(32:13) will actually correlate to aggregate data to make just and we’ll have more aggregate data points as well just to help us understand the system so much better it is really important um and we have a unique opportunity as we said in the beginning to gather this data so um yeah many more categories will be added such as other languages emoji subcategories along with full list of names that belong to a category and related category specific stats like i said before so any category you can think of we’ll probably have it there

(32:45) and then we’ll have like um like i said before the six type of domain names will expand on that i think we there’s a lot of potential there um and overall we’re gonna aim to have a subscription-based service for premium stats and tools so um yeah watch out for that um this will really yeah we’re gonna limit like what we see currently you’re gonna have for free anyway but yeah we’re gonna have um premium stats and tools that are gonna be so useful and they’re gonna be pretty relatively low price for the amount of

(33:19) benefit it’s gonna give you you’re gonna be able to find undervalued names like i did like i did it without tools imagine with tools you know so given just still think about like the market will get more competitive so the gains you see now maybe not the same but yeah it will be good um and then of course we’re gonna have free alpha in the discord chat and then we’re gonna start releasing articles every week in the future so i think that’s gonna be really really cool and we have a telegram group uh it’s

(33:51) also in the community section on our website um our twitter is at shakestats um shakestats.com is our website um and yeah uh we’re gonna have tools that’s um we might release an app um just to help traders keep track on things and such i’m not going to speak too much on that but we will release an app and everything’s going to be integrated together so yeah learning materials stats tools we have it all so thank you so much for listening guys i hope you enjoyed it as much as me and gotham did um we really love

(34:26) the hms um ecosystem everyone is so welcoming everyone is so nice to us um and especially me as a noob i know nothing about tech everyone’s so open to helping me out and others alike and um i’ll help you guys with trading is that’s what i’m good at and yeah we can all help each other and build this ecosystem the ethos is great um the community is strong everyone’s building i can only see upward trend from here so thank you for listening have a good one [Music] guys [Music] you