Opening of Phase 3 of the Handshake Conference


(00:00) [Music] good morning from from hong kong and china jahan and i are here and good evening good afternoon we have a very international community and i know some people have barely slept the last day or two and myself included uh how about you jahani getting some rest here i wish i was getting rest it’s too exciting with in handshake world it’s too exciting in just the world of crypto we’ve got bitcoin that’s edging 60 60 000 we’ve got uh an amazing people uh you know auction which hit nearly 70 million um

(00:45) thinking about what you know andrew was saying yesterday about nf about uh domains being the original nfts um so that means that as the original teams we got to be seeing some domains going for for 100 million hopefully that’s kind of what i’m thinking about today yeah a lot of a lot of exciting stuff we’ve covered the last two phases so this is the third phase and final phase of this session of handycon our first ever handshake conference i think you know it’s been amazing like we’ve said again

(01:12) just like two weeks notice uh since the idea of doing this and this got an amazing response we have um i think one of our big highlights is we’re gonna end this end the event with two of the original founders andrew lee from purse and jj um to more like a fireside chat q a which is one of my big highlights uh for this session i’m excited about yeah i’m excited too i mean i love uh how you know this whole conference has been about looking forward it’s been about community um it’s been about kind of like really

(01:46) positive energy and just kind of like building in this optimism and at the same time i think i’m really excited about looking back and just understanding like you know one year in like getting like a uh almost like a a check uh from the ogs from the kind of founders about like hey how we how are we doing so far i really hope that we get like a clean bill of health and people are and the founders are happy with you know how even everybody has been taking the community yeah for sure i mean i think it’s definitely a a good uh reinforcement to

(02:14) have have them support this event and share with uh with us and answer so many questions uh we all have so yeah just go to our you know our quick intro slides just to make sure we do the logistical things i hope everybody’s enjoying this air meet software so far it seems like it’s been going pretty good yeah i know some people maybe have some tech issues i’m sorry some of my internet i mean i’m actually mainland china and um it’s banned here i don’t know if people know but i’m trying my best to

(02:43) stay connected um so i hope others too there is a mobile app as well but we always recommend use a laptop for these with chrome is the ideal uh soft uh browser for airmeat and um as you may have known jahanju is one of our organizers founder of kinetic capital and thanks to hans it’s been really amazing i mean it’s been really great to uh to co-organize this with you and uh likewise like i appreciate everything you’ve been doing mike i mean really i’m i’m just here to kind of you know help guide things but really you’ve

(03:18) been an incredible incredible partner in this and um you know we’ll do it again next week so yeah let’s do another one weekly weekly conference um and yeah for me um some of you know me a sky include in the community uh started like a little youtube channel and content blogs just trying to share knowledge uh and just get stuff out of my brain into a into video or text format and then also the new d web foundation where johanna’s a partner there and chango she’s also been she’s also been really helpful uh she

(03:48) did a panel yesterday she’ll also be on a panel today um and others in in that which is really really exciting to see being brought to the community yeah we’re excited about the the the launch of the deweb foundation um this is you know for those of you who are joining us for the first time the d-web foundation uh is an independently organized foundation to support uh handshake development uh education awareness and we’re going to be doing a little bit of grant making as well uh in addition to presenting

(04:19) um the first ever handshake conference handicon so we’re all really excited to have uh you know an official well not an unofficial structure i mean that’s the way things work in decentralized uh kind of society um a community organized structure to really just you know take forward in the long term a lot of the work that the community has been doing yeah great and then of course uh you know it’s just a couple of our photos here but there’s so many other people of course johnny woo many of you everybody knows i mean he’s one of the

(04:47) first uh i’m new in this community he’s super amazing he’s helping helping uh doing incredible help and many others ryan um and many others in this community that are also very well appreciated of course also sponsors did contribute to get this to make sure this has happened kinetic capital where um jahan is uh is the founding partner thank you connecticut so do you want to share a little bit about about your uh your company yeah sure just really briefly um kinetic we’re one of the earliest uh investors in blockchain uh crypto

(05:21) started around 2016 although i’ve been um uh in investing in this space since like late 2013 um founded that ethereum meetup back in early 2014 and yeah kinetic we’re focused on investing so um well i’m super excited to you know be investing uh in the handshake ecosystem uh not only in handshake not only in domains uh but in some of the kind of key companies uh in the space like name base where we’re proud uh investors in name base and we want to add to that so you know if you’re building a handshake business and we saw a lot of

(05:55) really good ones yesterday yeah please reach out to me i want to know what you’re doing hopefully you know i want to invest in what you’re doing and and even if not i want to be supportive and you know maybe give you some feedback about about what you’re doing from that from an investor’s standpoint so yeah excited yeah i think uh i’m speaking for many we really appreciate your support yeah um in this community and it’s meant a lot so thank you thank you for that and and also yeah i mean

(06:20) we have limited time but like yesterday we had like neil sharing about flip flops email and i think maybe the first time you had seen that and then i think it was amazing because there’s these really like you know really like raw people not people raw presentations and raw like products and it’s just amazing to see this uh coming to life and and now you as like an investor seeing this product and and somebody asked them how many users do you have and he’s like he kind of was he’s you know shy he’s a really nice

(06:51) developer uh technical person he says uh i don’t have analytics or numbers and he says there’s too many pages for me to count accounts of users it was it was it was an amazing moment in most of it um so thank you again jahan for for everything also handshake institute um handshake jesus we should call it uh he’s he’s setting up a 503 b i believe basically a non-profit in the us um and he’s they are that that institute is enabling and investing i believe in hns fund was one of their first investments for uh

(07:30) for the ecosystem of development uh and he was on a panel yesterday sharing and people really love what they’re doing there so thank you handshake institute and hex trust there in hong kong they’re doing amazing things uh jahan do you want to do you want to share about yeah sure text trust is another company on our portfolio so i twisted their arm to sponsor this they’re they’re a licensed custodian for digital assets in hong kong licensed in hong kong singapore and germany they specialize in enterprise-grade

(08:02) custody and the reason why they’re here is because they’ve recently launched an nft custody service and where better to store your domains uh than in a licensed custody i guess increasingly as we start to think about um tokenizing domains and second level domains these things are going to get you know kind of pretty valuable and you know obviously in some cases you know not your keys not your crypto not your uh not your not your domains uh but if you need an enterprise or institutional solution then look no further than hex trust that

(08:37) sounds really interesting i’m really appreciative of their support and that’s that’s amazing of course we would be here all day just just going by name of all the amazing speakers that we’ve had over the last three phases or two days uh this is just a quick screen grab of some of them but thank you speakers you’re obviously this is this is the ones that are making this conference so amazing we’ve gotten even with such short notice we’ve gotten such amazing experts in all different fields of the community

(09:05) from domain domain uh domain investing from tech from crypto investing so thank you thank you all the speakers for sharing your knowledge your experience with us over these last couple of days yeah yep uh sorry i didn’t really update this agenda on the slides and i can’t see the i can’t see what what’s up for today but it’s off my memory from my memory we have in the next panel jahan will be moderating is about investing in crypto uh investing in handshake and we have various investors in various backgrounds from domain and

(09:45) uh and crypt crypto and other other fields which is gonna be really exciting yeah after that i’ll be moderating a technical building on handshake panel uh believe after that is jan can you help me sorry yeah badass domains i’m really excited about this and this is mike carson kiva and and zipkin uh building the decentralized registrar on handshake which is super exciting um after that we’ve got growing the handshake community with johnny uh johnny wu uh mark smith graham wallace mike uh handshake jesus uh and uh anna

(10:21) belts and from uh h s fans in china which we’re excited to hear about the chinese uh handshake community next up we’ve got mining handshake and blockchain tech mark is going to be uh on that i believe uh steve mckee is big big force in the community ken shong from gold shell and wong chun from f2 pool um the largest um handshake miner in the world uh and then we have another handshake showcase and these handshake showcases have just been like out of this world incredible showcase yesterday um showing everything from

(10:53) miami which is a website to value and appraise your handshake domains as well as hns search which is really incredible just to see how uh searching works in the handshake ecosystem uh we also had a number of others um so that was pretty pretty interesting um sky feed payment solution and then uh and it was oscar’s thing um after the showcase today um where uh we’ll have um uh kuru from shakedex uh and chad from uh uh ardell um we’ll have a you know the real highlight uh you know back to the future with uh handshake with the handshake

(11:32) founders uh andrew lee uh from purse jj uh and uh maybe a few others uh finally we’re gonna round it out with tips for your first week on handshake from sydney williams that’s exciting and then we’re going to have an nft panel showcase with bomani and then at the very very end we’re going to have our auctions that auctions with and kiba and mark so uh you know don’t miss that that’s gonna be really exciting kind of live auction of uh domain names uh some of which proceeds will go to uh sponsor the hms

(12:05) fund yeah great yes just hearing that again gets me all excited and we have that means we have a lot to cover i think we’re right on time and we’ve been doing pretty good on this event we’re trying our best to stay on time also i know a lot of people said is this recorded i you know it’s the middle of night for me in europe or asia or us you know so this these have been all recorded i think already one is on youtube um there was that hot one with the ens domains yesterday we just uploaded that um already but the owners will be trying

(12:33) to get probably more likely next week maybe over the weekend so um if you missed something but i think nothing beats live right the chats the the networking we’re also going to have various table setups as much as we can to chats um connections some other other highlights i want to bring up um someone someone from the audience is asking what are the names going to auction you can actually take a look uh on the auction website which is handycon handicon dot auctioneer yeah or dot hns.2 if you don’t have a

(13:08) resolver but we’re trying to use handshake names in this uh in this uh event absolutely yes we might need that or um yeah i think johnny i can’t see the chat honestly i have full screen why i can’t see the questions um so we’re gonna keep that on air meet uh and we’re try i think this is going on clubhouse right now as well as this is happening but uh we’re gonna try to stream that on clubhouse i know there’s been other auctions happening on clubhouse but we’re going to try our best to do this on air me

(13:38) in texts just like these chats so um if you want to participate we recommend getting into air me also it doesn’t need ios you can do android or computers so hopefully that can open it up to more more buyers pool um so i hope that answers everybody’s questions there’s an embedded air table form there and there’s i don’t think it’s there’s no more time to submit we had a lot of submissions of great really great names so it’s going to be an amazing one for sure um also you know i think we saw in a chat

(14:08) brandon dee’s brandon dee’s i try to get him involved in this conference um he wasn’t able to be sharing on the showcase which i believe he should but he’s also looking for looking for some uh career opportunities he’s in it and i think he’s already talked to puma browser and some others and i think jahani said in the chat it’s like a job board in in the chats but you know in the chat you you know but that’s again a benefit of being here live you know we we’re really having some great conversations and

(14:37) we’re trying to make some relationships so um so shout out to brandon also um i i i got gifted from the community from h s network uh dot conference between the event uh that was that was totally my he was so happy with uh what’s happening here he uh he messaged me and uh and gifted that for uh for for me so that was a shout out to him for that and um there’s just uh some other notes you know the drew rosner was an amazing conversation and i know a lot of you might have missed that and that was recorded that will be

(15:14) shared and um there was so many nuggets of kind of truth and really understandably an amazing talk yeah if you can if you people have time definitely go and watch uh the the kind of it wasn’t a debate but it was a lively discussion uh you know between brantley from ens who was kind enough to you know come and join the discussion um present a different view of handshake and talk about ens and you know kind of a a different system it was great just to kind of have open you know sometimes not all the voices in the

(15:44) community agree but you know he’s in the community he’s willing to show up and i thought it was really great and i was really proud of the handshake community for also being both respectful and kind of open to different ideas it’s great it’s really really great okay great so i think uh we’re mostly on time but i want i can’t wait for your panel that’s coming up next about the investing and handshake michael steiger’s here already we just chatted and there’s some other amazing

(16:07) people there so let’s uh let’s tune on tune in thanks everybody for joining us [Music] you