Opening of Phase 2 of the Handshake Conference


(00:01) [Music] welcome back everybody or welcome everybody uh to handycon the handshake first ever handshake conference uh i’m johan chu i’m the founder of kinetic um a one of the earliest most active blockchain uh crypto funds in asia uh here with my co organizer uh mike michelini mike yeah hello thanks janet for having me yeah thanks for thanks for uh everything this has been really amazing you know it’s phase two and we got a lot amazing a lot more amazing stuff and we had an amazing part one and uh there’s just so much uh energy that we

(00:48) can feel in the community right i mean i’m i’m i’m i got my blood flowing i’m really excited about everything absolutely absolutely so for those of you who are um i just want to do like a temperature check in the room uh just see who’s out here in the first section we had about 140 people throughout the entire four hours who stuck around we’re asking questions we’re engaged obviously this section uh is really kind of oriented to be able to accommodate asia and european time zones uh whereas the

(01:19) first one was on 7 a.m hong kong which was uh about 12 or 10 hours ago i just want to see who here is um please you know raise your hands or like just throw into the chat like where are you dialing in from or where are you kind of like um uh linking in from just want to understand where people are at uh in the handshake communities just put it in belgium finland where else what else we got uk wales tokyo india nice nashville are you up late man portugal south dakota switzerland cali you’re up late too tony vic socal awesome here from berlin

(01:56) last night good for you berlin hardcore some hardcore yeah scarlett from uh france and japan i guess flags awesome well great good to see that we’ve got a really good kind of european uh contingent here that was the point in korea we got as well um so thanks everybody for joining uh just to give you a quick recap for those of you who are in europe and didn’t make the first session we had an amazing first uh session um and we had incredible speakers like we had tia from name base uh we had uh johnny vinnie lingam

(02:33) chango from the d webb foundation who else do we have matt zipkin was there handshake jesus handshake jesus for sure uh and was it was a whole great session uh we had a really lively debate uh around uh the the kind of merits and and pros and cons and kind of uh different parts of handshake versus ens uh with brantley from ens domains and mike carson from park io uh that was a great kind of debate really kind of representing kind of the openness i think of the handshake community and the ability for us for our us as a community to you know

(03:11) have an open and you know kind of respectful discourse about you know things that are positive and negative and things that are you know good and bad in the community and uh and the technology i mean nothing’s perfect so um i was really impressed by just the kind of candor and the openness um and the welcoming um everyone was super respectful to brantley brandon was super respect for the community it was great i really enjoyed it what did you think mikey yeah i liked it a lot i mean it some people use the word salty

(03:36) but uh you know i thought i thought it was uh it was good that we i think some people said it was the first time to bring different people from different name spaces together at the same time in an event and you know we want we wanted to encourage more more collaborations more communication but um i think there’s gonna be a continued clubhouse because it wasn’t enough time so i i don’t know if they picked the date but they both agreed to a longer clubhouse session in the future for that debate which i’m definitely going to be

(04:03) tuning into oh good points all right right now so um so that was the first session and today we have a great session as well um again we have another four hours uh we also had a number of showcase um and really the other thing that came out was we had a bunch of people um i i can’t remember his name um but uh neil um came and demoed uh his handshake email system which is really amazing if you just go to i think it’s obviously handshake go to flip.

(04:39) flops i was able to create jahan at flip.flops and i was emailing back and forth with johnny wu through handshake email it was really incredible experience just to be able to use email on handshake from a handshake address to a handshake address um so those are kind of the highlights from session one and now we’re about to start session two and just to kind of give you a sense of what we’re doing this time around we’re really excited to have drew rosner uh who is like a domain name sherpa he’s a domain named

(05:05) guru he is like domain godfather uh he’s gonna be telling us all about kind of the history of domain names uh and as well as where we’re going and why he’s getting into handshake then we’re going to have a showcase we’re really excited about the showcases because we get to show all of the latest developments and all of the kind of projects that are being built inside the community we’ve got hns search we’ve got staff on xerox from miami which is a valuation website to value and appraise your domain names which i

(05:34) love using super fun we’ve got h payment solutions uh and a number of others someone from sky feed um and then we have uh handshake for good which is charity in the handshake ecosystem so lest we forget um you know how to be grateful and how to be thankful and how to give back next we have digging into the data we’re going to have a talk on shake stats and just look at h one year anniversary from a data perspective um following on we’re going to talk about handshake in the india and south asia community

(06:05) a geographical focus and then finally i’m super excited to have hugo fillion from who’s going to be talking about their integration and second level domains and tokenization we will not be having the tld auctions today sorry everybody we’re kind of a victim of our own success we had too many people uh who were trying to auction off their names uh that they needed a bit more time in order to be able to organize it so that’s going to be pushed until uh the end of day two um which will be very late for

(06:38) for europe uh unfortunately but we will do it and well i’m sure it will be to others so that’s kind of what we got coming up for you um pretty excited about this session everybody’s fired up we want to thank all of our sponsors uh kinetic handshake jesus and handshake institute and then hex trust which is a licensed custodian for digital assets based in hong kong and we also want to recognize the d web foundation uh for their support and really presenting this uh and of course i have to say give like a big big thanks to

(07:10) uh mike uh who’s really done most of the heavy lifting to make sure that’s got put together uh as well as johnny woo from name base who has pretty much not slept for the past 48 hours uh johnny is like the main mod uh the main man community member and that’s kind of what we got mike you want to kind of throw in yeah i think you did a great job uh it’s it’s just been really amazing i mean we’ve gotten great feedback in telegram groups discords you know twitter um but i think it’s really the community

(07:42) that’s shining you know it’s just we did this really short notice you know we we had a podcast together that started uh this discussion and uh i think without this amazing community we couldn’t we couldn’t have pulled this off because everybody was just so willing to come on and share um and i think it’s just our job as organizers to just really highlight this amazing community i think that’s what’s making handshakes successful and to point at scott um i think also on day day two tomorrow we’re going to

(08:10) have two of the original founders um jj and andrew lee from purse also which is going to be really amazing so that’s another one to try your best to attend i know some people have asked is this recorded yes it is recorded this is gonna be put online but of course nothing beats live so if you’re here live you know please engage ask questions chat we’ll try our best to make sure the uh panelists or the speakers are given those questions if they can in the live session so yeah i think that’s i think that’s it

(08:42) i can’t wait for the next session and we’re we’re right on time so yeah well for now the other thing i would say is you know everybody in the audience please like you know we’re all volunteers here like nobody gets paid for anything um we’re all just putting our time and our you know passion into this because we love handshake and we want to promote it we want to kind of give it to the community and we would ask you to do the same uh one of the best things you can do right now is actually just to tweet out

(09:06) post out that this is happening although everybody can look at can watch it after the event recorded the best thing is if people show up and they feel that you know the community has shown up and that shows up with the numbers so hope you can you know spread the message get people to kind of join tomorrow as well all right yep okay and now last but not least drew rosner we’re really excited we just had a quick chat with him before and he’s super uh super excited i think this is the first time he’s publicly spoken about handshake i think

(09:33) he’s been i think he’s been pretty active from our calls right and um i’m excited to hear what he’s what he’s thinking what’s going on yep drew rosner um just to give him a quick intro before he joins he’s again really one of the the earliest domain name investors he’s famous for having sold x.

(09:53) com uh and many of the primaries.coms that you probably go to uh so without any further ado welcome drew rosner we’re gonna switch it over now [Music]