Conclusion and Wrap up of Phase 2


(00:01) [Music] we are at the end of phase two and uh just want to do a quick recap we’ve done quite a bit already i know it’s been a very uh intense and amazing um session for all of you i hope can you see my screen i hope i’m not having any technical issues here uh it’s also had a little bit tech slow um okay great okay so we’re done with phase two uh this was the europe asia time friendly we’re gonna do phase three tomorrow same time as phase one so hopefully it’s as convenient as possible for

(00:47) everybody again um jahan was great organizing this uh of course myself d web foundation johnny wu he’s been doing amazing things behind the scenes keeping everything going thanks for that the auctions are not happening today we pushed all auctions to phase three mark smith kiba it’ll be all hands on tech all the names will be there also just make sure we give support and thank you to our sponsors kinetic capital jahan’s company handshake institute this is handshake jesus and others setting up a usa non-profit

(01:26) organization to support the handshake ecosystem and which does custodial services in hong kong you can talk about hex we’ll talk about that more in our session three phase three of course thank you amazing speakers i mean we’ve been so honored to get amazing people on such short notice with this kind of pop-up flash events so thank you all not all of them are there’s more than on even on this slide so thank you this is all being recorded and it will be available most likely next week and again

(02:02) day two or phase three will be the same times as we had at phase one 3 p.m san francisco pacific standard time we have amazing sessions investing in handshake with jahan and of some really other major investors in crypto and in the ecosystem we’re going to have more handshake showcases we’re going to have two of the original handshake founders andrew lee from purse and jj sharing and there’s just more and more amazing amazing things and of course the auctions which will be going at least 25 percent of those proceeds

(02:39) will be going to the hms fund which is being headed by kiba to going into the development of the handshake ecosystem so i’ll show his face here that’s kiva i’m actually literally talking to him right now he’s preparing everything for the handicon the auctioneer uh auction event so that’s uh doing really really well and with that i will leave it where it stick we’re gonna keep the room open until phase three it’s air meet so you’ll have the tables some people in phase one were there for

(03:13) hours afterwards you’re welcome to find tables you like and and make some new friends follow up with people that you heard speak or in the chat room and make some deals make some relationships that’s what this is all about thank you again for your participation and i hope to see you in phase three in about 10 hours nine and a half hours so thank you all i’m gonna get some rest it’s been an intensive day see you all in the next [Music] one [Music] so