Handshake Conference Welcome w/ Jehan Chu & Mike Michelini


(00:01) [Music] okay welcome everybody to handycon uh this is our the first community handshake conference um jahan chu thanks for co-hosting this with me yes yes welcome everybody it’s an exciting time um i don’t know who’s more excited you guys or us guys we are really really privileged to be able to present to you handicon the first handshake conference ever it has been an incredibly long time in the conceived perception and making of handicon meaning two and a half weeks it has been a winter tour of blood sweat and tears

(00:51) mostly mike mike’s blood and sweat and tears but at the end of the day this is really about our passion for handshake and our desire to see the community come together in the first event ever to help us not only learn more about handshake expose handshake to people that have never really heard that have heard about it but haven’t really dove in um it’s about to get deeper into a lot of the concepts and some of the technologies that are being built in the background and perhaps haven’t been kind of

(01:24) surfaced and of course it’s also about just you know celebrating this whole idea of a decentralized web and what we believe is the true front door to web 3. so it’s a really really exciting time i actually got into handshake uh originally through uh joseph poon and some of the other founders uh i think it’s about three years ago now uh this was back in the i think 2017-2018 era as part of kinetic so kinetic is my fund we’re one of the earliest investors in blockchain crypto in asia and as part of the seed investors you

(02:03) know we were just excited to be excited with the idea of handshake fast forward to last year when handshake finally launched and domain started releasing i got really really sucked into bidding on domains and understanding about the community of kind of domainers and i had never really thought about domain names um as as a as a hobby much less an obsession and here i am today with you know thousands of kind of domain names under my belt an active kind of participant uh and you know really just trying to find different ways to promote the

(02:37) community to promote the technology and to just you know release all friction to have it be adopted um so we’re really excited to be able to kind of bring this conference together uh and put forward um some a selection of who we feel are some of the brightest minds and handshakes some of the you know biggest builders uh some of the great investors and most importantly you all the community uh who’s really here just to meet each other uh and to um to for some reason in some ways learn about each other for the first time in

(03:06) person so uh really really privileged we’ve got a great schedule for you today um and uh you know again before i go on i should really thank my co-host mike michellini from sky include who really has been the brains and the muscle uh behind all of this we’re also thankful uh to deweb foundation who is presenting handicon the first handy handshake conference and we’ll be talking a lot more about the d-web foundation which is you know the basically a new independent foundation that has been created to support handshake development

(03:45) education outreach um and we’re also like to really thank all of our sponsors and supporters uh including kinetic of course and also handshake jesus and handshake institute um and uh we also want to be able to thank um johnny wu who’s been instrumental uh in helping to organize all this uh and mike who else would like to thank at this point yeah i mean there’s so many people like you know like you’ve said this we have an amazing community people i don’t think the community could other communities could have pulled this

(04:21) off you know i know we’re the kind of main organizers would say but i mean there’s so many people behind the scenes that have been helping here of course johnny wu we have uh ryan ramirez helping out we have amazing speakers handshake jesus kiba kiba is also heading up the auctions with the the h s fund fundraiser for developers in the open source community and handshake there’s um it’s it’s been really overwhelming uh i think the community should be really proud of what what has been put together with

(04:53) just such you know pop-up flash events that was started just a couple weeks ago from a from our podcast interview so we have just some of the photos here on the screen of our amazing lineup people sharing which will highlight the actual true community and the power and the value of of what’s being built in the new decentralized web or d web or web3 so thank you to all these amazing people and uh others behind the scenes there’s a lot of you know avatars and different names that are maybe more don’t really want the recognition some

(05:28) of just gifted names for the auctions with no no interest to be credited they’re uh just really trying to help with the future of the internet and naming on the internet which is which is handshake would also like to thank uh chango who’s been instrumental in the community and as part of the diy foundation as well as tieshen from name base who’s also just been you know an incredible uh force for good in so many ways and really helping to anchor the handshake community with you know the the groundbreaking name based platform

(06:00) and his whole team uh as also part of the the d-web foundation um so we’ve got a really exciting uh schedule of kind of talks this week um well this week this uh the next two days uh maybe we can go uh to the the agenda side sure so got it so go ahead yeah so this is a very basic uh screen share but it’s three p it’s updated after three p.

(06:25) m san francisco time or pacific time as we’re opening at this moment we’re gonna have tieshan next doing a uh really kind of like a good overview of the whole ecosystem which i’m really looking forward to and this is half two half day events although we added a whole nother phase so it’s actually three half day or three four hour sessions where we have we actually move more towards panel because there’s just so many amazing people in this community uh the agenda you’ll see an air meet so i know air meet is a bit new for some

(06:56) people uh hopefully those inside air meet are already getting a little bit familiar you might be noticed there’s a global chat there’s table chat and there’s direct messaging but we’re gonna have panels and we really encourage everybody in the audience to share with questions in a text only format we’re also streaming this on clubhouse right now in audio only listen mode where there’s people there but we do encourage you to join the air meet it’s a totally free event for you to participate we’re um we’re

(07:26) also gonna you know have a quick conclusion towards the end one big update is we decided to move the auctions to the end of day two just because there’s a overwhelming response of buyers and sellers and uh and uh we want to make sure that we give all names the attention they need so that’s one update but what we will do is leave this air meet open for the full sessions for the full two days so even when there’s no sessions happening you’re welcome to come into the networking tables join a table set up

(07:56) your own table we’ll be renaming tables for different topics so even when there’s no sessions happening throughout these two days you can join those sessions um or set up your own yeah great and just to give you a brief overview i mean uh in case you haven’t gotten a chance to look at the entire uh schedule some of the things that we’re really excited about i mean so we got tieshan coming up next um giving like a kind of a power 101 on handshake uh followed by the d web foundation uh and handshake

(08:26) ecosystem support so really introducing the d web foundation what its mission is uh highlighting some of the kind of key uh contributors and developers including um matt zipkin uh kiba and others uh then we’re doing a fireside chat with vinnie lingam of civic uh who is a more recent convert but extremely powerful uh influence and og in bitcoin uh followed by handshaking the traditional domain ecosystem looking at how handshake kind of crosses over and complements some of the traditional domains and we’ve got some really great people who

(08:58) have like jonathan joten frakes and tom barrett who will have a lot of experience with icann as well as mike carson and more followed by that i’m going to be doing a panel on adoption and integration handshake one of the most important things how do we get handshake out there into the browsers into the domain name resolvers uh and into the hands of people and then finally i think this is the most exciting part we’ve got a handshake showcase where we’re going to be showcasing different apps and different platforms

(09:26) in the handshake ecosystem uh and really bring to the spot like people who have been slaving away at their handshake applications we’ll do a quick wrap up and then we’ll move on um day two we’re doing future of domains with drew rosner this is going to be an incredible incredible uh session uh drew’s going to do a solo session drew is one of the og’s he’s really one of the godfathers of domaining he is the person who’s responsible for x.com and zoom.

(09:54) com he’s sold more high-level top-tier domain names uh than you know than i even know uh and so he’s going to be telling us all about uh the kind of history of domaining as well as where he thinks it’s going and he’s a handshake uh enthusiast he’s passionate about handshake uh and it’ll be great to get that experience we got another two sessions of handshake showcase because we really just want to give a platform to all of the people building followed by handshake for good charity the handshake ecosystem

(10:23) and then another really interesting one that’s coming up is digging into the data thinking about the data side of handshake and looking at where we are in terms of that we’ll do a bit of networking and then move into handshake in the indian south asia community which is exciting and then finally a session i’m pretty particularly excited about second level domains and tokens domain tokenization on flair with hugo fillion from flair.

(10:50) xyz then finally system i’m excited to be leading that with my good buddies paul v from pantera and then we also have tracy fong from alborn an incredible large global firm who’s she’s come out as a real handshake supporter as well as well as michael seiger after that we’ve got building on the handshake stack mike’s going to be doing that with zipkin uh and anthony liu from name base it’s gonna be exciting uh we’ve got badass dot domains building a decentralized registrar that is gonna

(11:20) be incredible and i hope you’ll join mike carson kiba and zipkin for that uh johnny wu is gonna take the helm uh to do growing the handshake community uh how we can help out handshake community uh joined with uh mark smith graham wallace and mike and handshake jesus followed by mining and handshake um and then going on to another showcase uh and really i think all this leads back to really full circle the handshake founders q a with andrew lee jj and hopefully joseph pulling and andrew lee as well we’ll do tips for

(11:55) your first week on handshake with uh sydney williams uh and then if we have time we’ll do another we’ll be doing another nft uh panel showcase uh with the final wrap-up so as you can see we’ve got incredible incredible content uh we’ve got great speakers and you’re gonna learn a lot about handshake this time around yep yeah so that was really great johann thank you so much for that overview it’s it got me more excited for this it’s going to be an intense two days with amazing people and topics also just

(12:23) again just to reiterate about the auction auctioneer uh program kiva this is again a fundraiser event for the development of handshake itself so you know i know a lot of us are focused on the names and the auctions but without the ecosystem and the development there’s there’s not gonna be that long-term value so so some people have given a hundred percent of the proceeds of their names to the hns fund others have given a minimum of 25 percent is a is a minimum contribution of the auction price um this is the first of many we plan to do

(12:59) uh we decided to move this to the end of day two instead of both days to make sure we uh we recognize all names and all uh all uh all activity um again we’ll keep you updated about that more and of course um talk to kiba or others in the h fund for uh for details but you can check it out at handicon.

(13:21) auctioneer on the handshake system i think that’s that’s really it we’re mostly on time great great we uh we we’re right on right on the time so i think um again if you’re in a clubhouse you’re welcome to join us uh in the air meet it’s um handycon.org on dns or handycon dot promote on uh on the decentralized internet um any last things you’d like to add uh jahan just once again thank you to the community for showing up got a 109 people uh kind of adjoining right now i’m sure that’s going to grow as the as the kind of conference goes on

(13:57) all the content will be recorded and posted later so just in case you can’t uh make it to the live session uh you’ll have a chance to hear it again uh we want this content to be available we want people to learn from it and again just thank you to the community for showing up for kind of building and for being interested in handshake yeah thank you so much everybody so we’re gonna again as we’re going to transition now to tiashan’s speech um again we’re all kind of getting used to air me so there might be

(14:24) a little bit of technical uh technical switching right now while we all get to that but we’ll be back in one in one second [Music] you